Friday, October 2, 2015

2 Projects Accomplished While Teen Sitting

My daughter Rochelle and family had a scheduled retreat the other week but their teenage daughter AJ, has school which they did not want her to miss. So, they asked if we would stay at their house for the week to keep her company. Of course, we are always willing to take care of grand kids and allow Rochelle and her family enjoy a normal life after Rea has been in and out of hospitals last year.
Anyway, I thought it would be a good time to do some projects while I was there. This was AJ's bedroom for almost 4 years now. Cute, but she is older now, wll be 17 in a week, and has lost interest on this cutesy stuff. We decided to redo the walls, for a start.
Another "Before" picture
This is how it looks after we painted the walls a really faint blue color. You will also notice that her twin size bed has been replaced a queen.
Her furniture need to be updated. We searched for used ones that I could refinish but did not find what we wanted. AJ also wants an iron headboard but again, we did not find what she likes and we ran out of time.

I repainted her old dresser, which she plans to give to the twins after we find her a bigger one.
We also searched for a pair of night stands but as you can see, we have not found any yet. I need another month to stay there and help her search but I am already home cause I have things to do at home too. For now, this is how her bedroom looks and she really likes it. The color is very soothing. I will keep searching for furniture for her but this will do until then.
Here was another one of my projects. Sorry but I forgot to take before pictures but I can describe what this area used to look like. It was just a solid wall against the staircase. My son in law, Derek, is really handy. He knew there was space behind the wall so he opened it up during one of Rea's stays in the hospital and created an opening for the girls to go in and created a club house/playroom for our 3 little girls.
The inside walls were all painted white and that was how it was when we came.
I originally planned to paint clouds and a tree and birds inside the room but I really did not have enough time. The family was scheduled back in 6 days and I already spent 3 of them painting AJ's room, not to mention driving her back and forth to school and doing the normal house chores like cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc, and furniture hunting. It took me a lot of time painting because of the different color splatters that I had to cover. I had to prime the wall twice.
I found a tree wall stick ons with birds and some butterflies and I knew they would work. I think they were perfect and the room turned out really cute.
The "Princess Parking" plaque was already there. I need to move it to the other wall and park one of their ride on toys.
Our 3 toddler granddaughters love playing pretend tea parties so I got them a little tea set, bought a small checkered dishcloth and arranged a picnic tea party by the tree to surprise them. You can see a little bit of the ceiling here where I painted some clouds.

They were so excited when they saw the room as soon as they arrived.
Their smiles were priceless!
How I miss these babies now that I am back home.
Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your visits and comments. I also thank all our diligent hostesses for all their parties.

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  1. Christine you did a wonderful job on AJ's new room...the wall color is so pretty!

  2. Love all the changes, the littles are priceless... what smiles fondly ~lynne~

  3. It is awesome what a little love and tender care can do to things. You did a super job and am sure she will be most pleased.

  4. Wow, you got a lot done in a short time, Christine! AJ's walls came out beautifully. How clever to use the stick ons, that way if the girls tire of one pattern they can take them off and add something else easily.

  5. You have been busy! Like the color you painted AJ's room. I know the little ones love their secret spot.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  6. Well how fun and nice of you to paint and create a more fun play area for the younger ones! I like the stick on idea since it can be changed easily but I don't imagine they'll change it for a long time! Good to see Rea and how well she's doing!

  7. I'm glad you got to spend some time with your grandkids!! Awesome jobs on the projects you accomplished!! They both turned out great! :)

  8. Hi Christine,

    You are Grandma-of-the-year! what wonderful things you've accomplished for your grandkids. You sure found a unique blue today.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  9. Love how grown-up and more relaxing her room has become, I love the previous one too, so unique!All the girls look happy and great!

  10. The bedroom looks wonderful for a 17 year old. Good luck searching for the things she would like in her room, I know you will come up with a great idea!

  11. Great job, Christine! The picnic tea party by the tree made me smile. Your grandkids are blessed to have such a creative and crafty grandmother.

  12. What a fabulous grandmother you are! I'm sure your family loves you a lot. AJ's room looks wonderful and the room beneath the stairs is fantabulous! Love that sweet little tea set by the tree. I want to play in there! Thanks for sharing with us.


  13. You have done a great job, lovely makeovers :) Such a great bedroom!!

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays


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