Saturday, February 20, 2016

French Onion Soup on Polish Pottery

Who says you can't have French food on Polish pottery? I think these bowls were perfect cause I could bake right in them.

 I love mixing and matching my Polish pottery. Their patterns and colors just mix so well.
Dinner plate
Salad plate
The napkin ring are wooden and I bought them in Budapest so they are not Polish but Hungarian.
Polish pottery S & P shakers. The other one is also a Polish pottery, I use it for serving spicy vinegar. We were having crispy pork too and I like to eat it with vinegar.

I cut the yellow orchids from my plants on the pool deck and placed them in little PP vases.
Just a little casual dinner with with my daughter Tina and her hubby, Scott. They live next door. The 3 little ones eat on the kitchen bar.
We almost always serve rice on every meal.

For tea, I used Hungarian Village Pottery by Herend. I have a lot of Polish Pottery tea sets but somehow I cannot find any here. They must all still be in Natchez. Anyway, we plan to bring everything here next month, yes, another big and hopefully, final move. We have not sold our house yet but I know we will sell it sometime this year.


When we were touring Budapest, we saw a large replica of the teapot outside a china store. I did not buy mine from there or I would have had to hand carry the set. Instead, I found it on Ebay, so much cheaper and I did not have to hand carry it, lol.

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  1. Such pretty blue wares. As usual a beautiful setting from you. Love the display and French onion soup on polish pottery sounds sounds yummy and gives warmth. Have a beautiful day Christine. Hugs Sujatha:)

  2. So beautiful! I always enjoy seeing your Polish Pottery.

  3. Those look really nice, good designs and patterns.

  4. That's my hubby's favorite soup and it looks so yummy! I love your Polish pottery. I was introduced to it by a blogger friend years ago. I don't own any but I really like it and think it's really fun to work with. Hope all is well with you and your family.

  5. I really enjoy when you pull out the Polish Pottery, Christine. The patterns are so pretty. The salt/pepper shakers are adorable.
    Onion soup sounds delicious!
    Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

  6. Christine, I so admire your pottery. You have such beautiful collections. The soup soundsa nd looks delicious! Thanks for linking up the link party.

  7. I love Polish Pottery too. So far all I own are 3 coffee cups and a couple of speciality pieces. They are strong and hold up so well. Your table setting looks great. That's really nice that you got that same tea pot you wanted. It's so nice that your family is close by now. Love the orchids!!

  8. Such a pretty table, Christine. I have Polish Pottery as my everyday ware and love whatever I can collect. This pottery is attractive (can't go wrong with a blue and white plate!) and so sturdy. It's perfect for every day. I'd love to find some napkin rings like yours. They are a perfect match. Thanks for sharing today. Dinner sounds yummy! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  9. A few years ago while shopping I spoke to a lady in Marshalls. They had a display of this potter. She said the bakeware is wonderful because it holds the heat so well.

  10. Very beautiful blues in your pottery! I love how you have so many orchids to cut and use, here I struggle to keep my one indoor plant alive and blooming. It has lost it's last bloom this weekend.

  11. Hi Christine,

    I remember when you began buying your Polish pottery. It's so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  12. Christine,

    Beautiful table, I am loving your pottery also! I am seeing a lot more of it at my local HomeGoods and it is very hard to resist!

  13. Your blue pottery is so pretty, Christine. You must have such a lovely time setting your table. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  14. Hi Christine, I too am a fan of Polish pottery. Yours is lovely and I think any food is great in those dishes. I just have a few pieces but I use them a lot. Your tablesetting is very pretty.

    Have a wonderful week.

  15. Love the vibrant blue colours of your pretty pottery, Christine! I would have also been wary of purchasing fragile items during my travels.

  16. This is lovely Christine and thank you for the introduction to Polish pottery. Hope to see you again next week at Celebrate Your Story link party!

  17. Dear Christine:
    Your collection of Polish Pottery is wonderful and I know many who collect it. At one point I considered selling it in my shop back in the day but never did. Your table with the orchids is outstanding! So glad you shared.

  18. Beautiful collection Christine. I don't own a single piece of Polish pottery. Where have I been all of my life? Your table is very pretty.

  19. How I'd love to have your Polish pottery bowls for French Onion Soup! I only have some that look like they are from the 70's that were a wedding gift! The blue and white table setting is so pretty!

  20. These are beautiful dishes! The colors are so cheery and bright. I'm impressed with those orchids, too!


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