Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thanksgiving Table for the Kids

        After I showed you a Christmas table, I am going back to Thanksgiving to share the kids' table in the kitchen and the food . I  meant to show it last week but I did not want to miss Kathleen's Pinteresting challenge.

    I went on with using Polish pottery. The blue satiny tablecloth from Tablecloth Factory turned out to be perfect with them. My friend gave me some pecans from her tree and I added them on the centerpiece. I always like to use that fluted Polish pottery compote.
Black rustic tree napkin rings from Joss and Main or is it Zulily? Although they appear darker in the pictures, the napkins are blue.

    Blue flatware from Horchow.
      I love this faux driftwood candle holder.

    I set the food as a buffet on the kitchen counter. So much food! We had ham, turkey and all the trimmings, eggrolls, noodles, chicken adobo, sushi, pork chops, sweet potato casserole, and desserts galore.
    The dessert table in the breakfast nook.

 Thank you so much for stopping by. I won't say much because this is already late but I  was traveling. I have been extremely busy between here and Florida but I want to announce that Rea continues to do well. Her hair is starting to grow and she is so excited. We all are! Here is her picture with her twin Halle taken on her latest clinic check up yesterday.

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  1. Glad Rea is doing well, Christine. Your table looks beautiful and the food awesome. Love the Polish pottery. You will have quite a job coming up, downsizing from two houses to one. Will you be selling some of your beloved china? So happy that retirement is on the horizon and you can live next door to your daughter!

  2. Christine, what a fabulous spread! Everything looks amazing and the dessert table looks especially inviting! I can feel the calories going on around my waist just looking at it. I'm so happy to hear little Rea is feeling better! Thank you for joining me for tea.

    Christmas blessings,

  3. I am so happy to hear Rea is doing well. I love Polish pottery and have a few pieces. I was salivating at that fabulous spread!

  4. Christine, linda postagem! Fantastic! Fabulous!

    Sol Belém

  5. The news with Rea is excellent! That will make a holiday of rejoicing! I love your table and the Polish pottery is so pretty. Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea.

  6. I too would have a great Tksgiving to celebrate little Rea's getting healthier and healthier every day! The blue table is awesome and the food is FABULOUS!!!...and the dessert buffet! I am drooling a little here my friend.
    I also love any table you make with the gorgeous Polish pottery.

  7. It is wonderful to see Rea's lovely smile. Thanksgiving must have been so very special in your family this year.

    The children's Thanksgiving Table is lovely. The blue satin tablecloth and the blue flatware from Horchow look wonderful with the polish pottery. The food looks wonderful too.

  8. I am so happy that Rea is doing well. God is so good. Love your table and all that food. It is amazing. Have a wonderful visit. Blessings, Martha

  9. It's great to hear Rea is still doing so well and getting her hair back...nice Christmas gift!
    Do you cook all that delicious looking food for all your holidays?
    The Polish pottery really pops against the cobalt tablecloth...lovely table and I bet the kids all felt so grown up sitting there.

  10. What a wonderful table and such fabulous food, Christine! Your family has so much fun.
    I'm so happy to hear little Rea is doing so well. I do want you to know that I continue to pray for her everyday. Love and blessings to you and your family.

  11. Stunning as usual Christine. Lovely to see Rea wearing a beautiful smile. Love sujatha:)

  12. Another gorgeous tablescape! You always set up the prettiest tables. Merry Christmas!

  13. Sweet Rea, I am relieve she is doing well. I have always admired your Polish pottery. With your world travels, you have some beautiful piece. happy holidays Christine. xo

  14. WOW…your buffet tables were stunning - the food looks so tasty!! Your polish pottery is so pretty. What cute little children!

  15. Goodness, look at all of that delicious food! I love the blue table theme and the driftwood candle holder is absolutely beautiful. Well done!
    House of Highlands

  16. Christine:
    I can't imagine coming to your house for a meal. One would not need to eat for a week. Everything is amazing!

  17. Hi Christine :)
    It sounds like you've had a lot to celebrate this year!:)
    Glad to hear your family is doing well!
    Is it pottery from Boleslawiec? I love they patterns- simple & beautiful!


  18. Those kiddos are just too cute! Funny how much darker Rea's complexion is. Glad she's doing well. Still praying. The table looks fab as usual!

  19. Great job! I love your dishes and all the food. The twins are adorable! Many blessings to you!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Blessings My Friend,

  20. Lovely and impressive. Best wishes and prayers for health & happiness in the coming year.

  21. It is SO great to see Rea smiling and happy and obviously feeling so much better! It is a gift from the Lord indeed! And I can see the little tufts of hair starting to appear on her little head. Wonderful! She'll have a full head of it by Easter!

    The kids had a VERY fancy table to sit at for Thanksgiving! I know they loved that! And you are so lucky your buffet counter didn't buckle under the weight of all that fabulous food!!!!!!!! The dessert table looked pretty bountiful, too!

    I'm glad you got a chance to share this one! It looks like everyone must have had a great time and SURELY got plenty to eat!!!

    Have a very Merry Christmas, Christine!!!

  22. Hello, Christine,
    Thanks for stopping by to say Hello. I'm so glad you did. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, friend. Oh my goodness! When I saw that pic of all that food.....Wow I KNOW it was delicious!

  23. Hi Christine,

    Good for Rea! I hope that good health is in her future.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Blue Monday!


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