Saturday, July 21, 2018

Lunch by the Waterfalls at Villa Escudero, Philippines, 6-2018

In case some of you do not know, my mom passed away on May 23, 2018,  two months and a day short of her 100th birthday. We had services held in Illinois and then we had her body cremated so that I and my 2 sisters along with my granddaughter, AJ, took her ashes with us to the Philippines to be buried next to my father.

We had a wake in our ancestral home, mass and then burial. We were so surprised as to the crowd of people who paid their respects, considering that all her colleagues have long been gone and we really did not have any formal announcements there except for what I have written on FB. The house was packed with people with no parking space left on the ground.

After we took care of the reason we went home, we explored the Philippines, since it was my granddaughter AJ's first time there.
We went to Villa Escudero for lunch one time and she had such a good time.

 We ate lunch with our feet soaked on water by the waterfall. It was hot and humid so we welcomed the cool water.

 Yummy Food!

Refreshing sweet watermelon and fried bananas served on a table with coconut palm leaves skirt..
 We ate on banana leaves.

 Enjoyed slurping my soup from a coconut shell bowl.
My 2 sisters, cousin, AJ and new friends we met there, Jen and Alex. We had the best table, right in front of the waterfalls.

They sat us here while we were waiting for our table in front of the falls.
Aside from being by the waterfall, we were right by the food table too, best of both worlds!
And while we were eating, AJ was absorbing all its grandeur. It was so good seeing her have so much fun. She quoted, "I wanted to see a waterfall but I never expected to eat in it.", lol.
I am so sorry for the blurred pictures. I think my lens was fogged up due to the high humidity and mist.

As a matter of fact, even the adults enjoyed it all.

We also enjoyed sightseeing within the resort. We visited the museum but weren't allowed to take pictures.

We also watched the cultural show, which was very entertaining.

 And this is how we moved around within the resort, via a caretela being pulled by a carabao.
It was a great experience for all of us especially for my granddaughter. I am so glad my cousin Gem, brought us here. Thank you, Gem.

I hope you enjoyed seeing one of our adventures in the Philippines. Thanks for stopping by my blog and thank you to the hostesses of the memes I am joining.

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