Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Son Loves Fishing and A Crawfish Party

Wordless Wednesday is hosted by Dixie of http://frenchlique.blogspot.com/. Please visit Dixie and everybody on her list of participants. Today's theme is still life or April Fools.I messed up and posted my son and his fish but it will qualify for an outdoor Wed. too.
I'll just post another picture. Here is a still life. I painted this in oil and it's hanging in our family room. I copied it from a picture I saw in a book.

Below is Jed, my son, my oldest child and he's always loved fishing since he was young. He looks pretty proud here with his big grouper (at least that's what I think it is.)

Yep, it's Outdoor Wednesday, hosted by Susan of http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/. Let's go visit her too and check out all the awesome outdoor posts.

Every year, we get invited to an outdoor crawfish party. Last Saturday was the day and as usual, we had a lot of fun. As you can see, these guys are busy cooking lots and lots of crawfish in humongous pots. Do you see more crawfish in bags behind them?

I asked the guy if I could take over so I can have my picture taken. He was happy to oblige. LOL!

Now that they are cooked, the guy spreads them on the table while they are still steaming hot.

No need for tablescaping here. All you need is the table, a paper table cover and your hands. LOL!

Get ready to save your spot! Ok, now, come and get it!

With the crawfish are corn, mushrooms, sausage, potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions.
Jumbo crawfish, yummy! And here you see eveybody grab a spot on the table eating away. Do you see me there at the end?

My mom's enjoying her spicy corn. They cook everything altogether so everything is spicy.

While we were enjoying eating the crawfish, 2 little boys kept calling John to help them climb on the rope so they can slide from tree to tree.

There goes one!

Oh no! All the crawfish are gone, no more for John, just when he is ready to eat! LOL! Actually, there are more coming but we had to leave to go to church.

I hope you enjoyed my Wordless Tues. and Outdoor Wed. contributions. Thanks to Dixie and Susan for these fun events.

I have to also tell you that I will be gone for about 10 days. I have to keep going on trips to keep up with my Sightseeing Saturday posts, LOL! We are going on a Western Caribbean cruise. If time permits, I will post in advance and schedule their publishing but I probably won't be able to comment. The internet service in the ship is very slow and it drives me crazy. I will try to catch up when I get back. I hope you all have a great week!

Monday, March 30, 2009

An Old Brass Box and Three Scarlett O'Hara Domed Dolls

It's Tuesday so it's Three or More Tuesday Time sponsored by Tam at http://gypsycorner.blogspot.com/. Please join me in visiting Tam and other 3 or More participants.
For today, I will share my 3 Scarlett O'Hara dolls. They are all enclosed in glass domes. I got them from Ebay about 2 years ago. Aside from what is written under each case, I don't know much about them except that I like them. Plus living in the south makes me want me to have a little touch of Gone with the Wind.
Scarlett's Bethrotal
Scarlett's Flirtations
Here's what written under the case
Scarlett's Deception

Thanks Tam, for making this event possible. I hope you enjoyed my Scarlett O'Hara dolls.

Being a Tuesday makes it a 2nd TimAround Tuesday also, which is sponsored by Diane at
http://diane1876.blogspot.com/. Please join me also in visiting her and the other 2nd Time Around participants.

Last Saturday, dh and I went antiquing dowtown. John likes to buy expensive stuff but I like to find bargains. I saw this for $9 and I added it to the stash of goodies that we bought. The cashier carefully wrapped them all and John looked at the receipt and paid. When we got to the car, he asked me what did I buy for $9 and I told him. He said he did not want to ask the cashier thinking she might have given us a discount on something, LOL!
I placed it on my side of the bed's table.
Do you like it there? I do!
Thanks again for visiting! Now, let's go see the rests. Thanks, Diane for this nice event.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Metamorphosed Wedding Gown and Our New Blues

I used to hate Mondays when I was still working. But maybe if I was already blogging then, I might have looked forward to Mondays if Susan of http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/ was already hosting Met Mon. like now. But that was past and this is now and I do not hate Mondays anymore. In fact I am excited when the new week arrives. Please visit Susan's popular blog and check what she transformed today and check out all the other changes in Blogland.
If you have seen my very first blog, it was about my daughter Rochelle's wedding last Jan, 2009. And you all know how expensive weddings are so we try to do what we can do on our own. Anyway, Rochelle fell in love with this Bradley Mischka gown but she could not afford it. She asked me if I could sew it for her but I told her it would not be easy since I am so far away that she wouldn't be able to try it on while I work on it.She found this very plain and simple affordable gown. She noticed that the cut on the top is a little similar to the one she liked. She asked me if I could add the crystals and beads to make it look better and I was pretty sure I could.
So, what do you all think? I sewed the beads and crystals, one by one, by hand, while watching TV and chatting on the computer.
Rochelle really liked it. My other daughter Tina, could not believe I made it. She was impressed.
And here is Rochelle wearing the gown on her wedding day with her daughter, AJ, .
It's also Blue Monday, hosted by Sally at http://smilingsally.blogspot.com/. Come and join us and show your blues and check out everybody else's blues! Start with Sally's and then, go through her list.
DH tried to take off on Wednesdays or at least, he tries to come home earlier. And he was able to come home early this past Wed so we went antiquing downtown. And look what I found for $20, a Staffordshire flow blue tea pot and it is in perfect condition.
When I saw this, I immediately went to him (we usually browse separately) and told him I found something that I know he will like.
And I was right so it came home with us. I don't know if you already know but he collects eggs and this Sevres piece is egg shaped. I won't even tell you how much we bought it for but I can just say that we are good citizens and were able to contribute to the economy again. LOL!
Isn't that an angelic face?
We bought more items but they aren't blue so these are all I am showing right now. It was another fun and successful shopping day.
Happy Met and Blue Monday to all! Thanks to Susan and Sally for making this day an enjoyable one! Now let's go visit the others.

Friday, March 27, 2009

After Acknowledging Awards, Let's Go to Athens With My Pink Laptop!

I would like to acknowledge 2 of the greatest bloggers in Blogland, Melissa of http://melissasheartandhome.blogspot.com/ and Chandy of http://whatnowtablescapes.blogspot.com/. You should visit these 2 bloggers and I can assure you that you will extremely enjoy their posts. Melissa gave me the Faithful Servant Award which is sowing seeds of love. And it works! There is so much love in Blogland that spreads like crazy. It's amazing how everybody supports each other here. Thanks, Melissa for passing this along to me. I am very happy for it to be in my possession.
Chandy awarded me, not one but 2 awards! How lucky can I be? I am 100% beautiful? Wow! That's hard to believe but this does not mean a pretty face but being beautiful inside and out. Thanks Chandy, just for you to think that I deserve this makes me really happy! I know everybody who visits me is beautiful and you all deserve this so please come and grab it.
And this Fabulous Blog Fan I know I definitely deserve, for I am truly a Blog fan! You can tell from how much I post in a week. LOL! Thanks again, Chandy!
Ok, let's go sightseeing now!
The week went by so quickly and it is Saturday again and you know what that means! But today is even more special for me because we get to go with someone else aside from me and enjoy her tour also. Chandy of http://whatnowtablescapes.blogspot.com/2009/03/boulder-of-ring.html
decided to join me. If anybody else wants to join in for Sightseeing Saturdays, we welcome you too. Just send me a comment if possible by Friday evening so I can add your link. So please visit Chandy and travel with her too. I don't know about you but I love traveling and would love to travel to different places with different tour guides.
Just as my title says, we are going to Athens in Greece. And you guessed it right! My little princess and granddaughter AJ, is traveling along with Tina, my daughter and Scott, my son in law. Let's visit the Acropolis, which in Greek literally means the highest point of the town and is also known as the "Sacred Rock of Athens". Isn't that a beautiful view? As the name indicates, Acropolis is high up on the mountain so you can pretty much see the city of Athens from there. Well, who do we have enjoying the view here but my lovely granddaughter!
AJ is with her aunt and her grandma here. One time, AJ asked how old I am. After I told her, she said I don't look old and I just look like I'm the same age as her mom. So, do you know now why I spoil that little girl? She knows just what to say at the right time. LOL!
The Parthenon, built in the 5th century BC, has 8 Doric columns on the east and west sides and 17 on the north and south sides. It is built entirely of marble except for the limestone foundations and ceilings and the wooden doors. It has stood atop the Acropolis for over 2500 years, built to give thanks to the city's patron goddess Athena, for saving them during the Persian wars. The size of the columns are amazing and it is beyond me how they could possibly have carried all that heavy material to the top of the mountain without the machinery that we have today, when I had a hard time climbing up the slippery steps without carrying anything. Go figure!

Theater of Dionysos
Even the cat is enjoying the amazing ruins and the scenery.
This is the Porch of Maidens in the Erechtheum Temple. These maiden statues are reproduction, 5 of the originals are in the Acropolis Museum of Athens and the 6th one is in the British Museum in London.
Temple of the Olympian Zeus in Athens. Olympics arena
I hope you enjoyed the tour of the Acropolis and
a few other sites in Athens. Now, don't forget to visit Chandy and look at her great tour pictures also.
And now for Pink Saturday, which is hosted by Beverly at http://howsweetthesound.typepad.com/my_weblog/. I would like to show you how I can communicate with you even when I am away.It's through my tiny Sony Vaio laptop. It's pink and it's light, only 2 lbs so I can carry it easily in my purse when I am traveling. It's less than a foot long and 7.75 inches wide and less than an inch thin. DH bought it for me when we went to a Sony outlet mall in Illinois last Christmas.
Isn't it cute?
See how small it is compared to that Dell laptop? I even carry it to the kitchen sometimes.

Thanks for visiting! Let's all go to Beverly's site now and check out all the lovely pinks in Blogland.
Thanks, Beverly for hosting another fun event!
For some reason the comment area is showing all the way down, right on top of "Foodie Friday" logo, so please be patient and scroll way down if you want to leave a comment.

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