Saturday, December 31, 2011

Coming Home for the First Time

I received an email from CJ inviting me to join her brand new fun weekend meme called R & R Weekend. Thanks for the invitation, CJ! I don't think there is any better way to revive my spirits than to hold my precious new granddaughter. Please join her also at

Kathy is also starting a new blog called A Return to Loveliness at , to celebrate loveliness coming into our lives and homes. It sounds like a fun meme so why don't we all join her too?

As some of you know, I left home for the holidays to welcome the arrival of 3 granddaughters. The first one, Baby Reese arrived the evening of Dec. 26, just missed a day of being a Christmas baby. Both baby and mom were doing so well that they only got to stay a day and 2 nights in the hospital and came home on the 28th.
Tina and Scott's German neighbor, Natasha, came the night before to decorate the house to welcome them. That was so sweet of her! Tina and Scott are sure lucky to have very nice neighbors in Chris and Natasha, even if they are only here a few months a year. Their son, J,  is the perfect playmate for B and N because his age is right in between theirs.

And here is our little bundle of joy as she enters the door.

Her brothers were so excited when they saw the vehicle pull up to the driveway. They couldn't wait to see her.

They kept piling up toys on her, lol.

And here is our little princess so comfy in her home now.

Can you see one of her dimples here?

Thank you so much for stopping by! I really appreciate your visits and comments especially during this very busy season. I hope you are all blessed with a new year that is full of love, good health, peace and prosperity.

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Thank you so much, sweet ladies for hosting all these fun parties!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Japanese Christmas Party

I do not really know how the Japanese celebrate Christmas but I know how to decorate a Christmas table and a Japanese table too. Would merging them together make a Japanese Christmas table? Anyway, the day before I left for Florida, my friend Debjani decided to have a luncheon at her house serving Japanese food. She told me to come early to make the sushi, help her fry the tempura and to add a "Christine touch" on her tablescape.

When I got there 2 hours before the party started, the table was mostly set but I added my Asian touches to it. I brought some Japanese warriors and little oriental umbrellas from home and I also brought some cuttings from our holly bushes and Christmas napkin rings to add more holiday cheers on the table.

If you have not seen my brand new granddaughter, please scroll down to see her after this post.

And here is the outcome!

Debjani's cute Santa and snowman S & P shakers. It's funny but I had one on my table at home too when I left.

Crystal candle holders I gave her for her brithday one year. See the tiny umbrellas? They are actually for drinks but I just spread them around the table.

I like Debjani's poinsetta tablecloth. It's so pretty.

Come to think of it, I gave her this set of dishes one Christmas also. I am glad to see that she is using them.

Japanese warriors ready to guard the table.

To complete the Japanese atmosphere, I even picked an Oriental style top to wear.

Shrimp tempura cooked to perfection!

Edamame and California Maki. I am getting to be an expert rolling these.

Debjani served warm Saki. I asked for only one tiny bit and I could not even finish it. It was so strong.

We also had miso soup and teriyaki chicken.


My desserts: macaroons and a sweet Indian drink called falooda. Both were so good!

The happy bunch doing our signature pose, lol!

I am going to miss my sweet friends.

Merry Chrismas to all!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

She's Here, My Precious Brand New Grandbaby!

After 5 days late, she finally decided to come out. I guess she just wanted Jesus to have His special day before having hers. The day after Christmas, Tina woke me up and told me I should take a shower already cause I might have to take the boys to the hospital because she thinks "Today is the day". And so I did and all day long we were just waiting patiently for her contractions to progress. They eventually did and this adorable precious beautiful girl is the proof. Her name is Reese Kristina.

This is her first picture that Scott, the dad, texted us. It was so surprising because they have only left more than an hour ago for the hospital by then. In fact, I had just texted him to ask if they admitted Tina yet and the response was a baby picture already, lol. Tina said her water broke the moment they got to the counter of the hospital and as soon as the doctor arrived, she was fully dilated on the very first exam and Reese came on the next contraction. I guess that is the way to go, lol. She was in the hospital an hour and 5 minutes before having her.

She might have delayed her arrival for 5 days but when she decided, she came fast and there was no keeping her in there.

an 8 lb. healthy baby girl and if you have seen her mother, you would wonder where she stayed for the last 9 months. Her mom is barely 5 ft. tall and is not even 100 lbs before pregnancy.

She has lots of hair, even more than her 20 month old brother has.

She is 21 inches long.

I can tell big brother Brendan is going to take good care of his baby sister.

I am not too sure about this boy though. When he saw the bassinet empty, he kept pointing at it saying he wants to go "ni-night". After all, he is just a baby himself, just turned one last February.

Such a good feeling cuddling a grandbaby for the first time.

The happy growing family.

She looks like she is already smiling, doesn't she?

She is such a sweetie and I just love her so much. I am so thankful that she and her mom are doing well. I would like to thank everybody who offered prayers for them. As you can see, the prayers really worked. They are coming home tomorrow and I can't wait to hold the baby again.

My other daughter's twin girls should be arriving within the next 2 weeks. Please pray for them also. Thanks!

Thank you so much for stopping by and for sharing this glorious event with us.

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Boy to Girl Nursery

Tina's baby is not here yet, at least, at the time I created this. She is already 2 days delayed at this point and we are just anxiously waiting. For the meantime, her nursery is also waiting for her which is what I am going to share with you today.

This used to be N's bedroom and you will see the "Before" towards the end of this blog entry. N is pretty much still a baby too. He just turned 1 last Feb. but he was forced out of the nursery into a big boy bed in his brother's room. He is still having hard time sleeping on the bed as he would climb up and fall asleep by the door but he is slowly getting there.

Anyway, this is how the nursery was transformed to since the new baby will be a girl. At least that's what all the ultrasounds and doctors pointed to.

Since Tina knows she is not really going to use the comforter on the baby, she just hang it above the crib as a wall decor.

I think it looks pretty up there.

The mirror on the left wall used to be boyish. It had wooden fish appliques which have now been replaced by flowers.

There is mommy on the mirror nesting again.

The crocheted blanket hangin on the crib was made and sent by my sister from Missouri. The colors are perfect.

The baby clothes are also waiting for her. Daddy made those organizer cubes and look at those many shoes? LOL!

Cute boots.

Unless she comes today, the 24th, she won't be able to wear these.

Isn't this cute piggy in a tutu wearing a crown so cute? LOL! Calling Lynn! I hope she sees this.

Changing table.

Below is the "Before" when it was still N's room.

And this is "Now", more appropriate for a little princess.

Thanks for stopping by. I will post an update when the baby arrives.

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