Friday, August 5, 2016

My Very First Tablescape in the Gazebo

I have been out of town for 2 weeks but I want to join Chloe's al fresco tablescape blog hop at so I hope you don't mind me reposting a tablescape I did way back in 2010. Geez! Have I been really posting for that long? So, here goes.....

I have been wanting to create a tablescape in the gazebo but never had a chance until today. Since my mom is staying with me right now, I thought we could have lunch there. First, I took the folding game table from the garage and moved it to the gazebo. The iron chairs and settee in there will already be the perfect size so I didn't have to move any folding chairs.

I knew it was going to be hot so I put my swim suit on with a pair of shorts while creating the tablescape. I figured I will go for a swim right after because I was sure I would get sweaty.

I fed my mom breakfast on the deck so that she could keep me company while I worked.

And there it is, all done!

I took out a Thompson pottery bird house tea pot and cups, planning to have green tea.

A view of the secret garden in the background.

The herb plates are made in England by Johnson Bros. for Tiffany & Co. I only used 2 though I have 4 of them, 4 different herbs. The charger plates are lace tin and the dinner plates have lace edges.
The green placemats have an emboridered bird on them but I forgot to take a picture.

I snipped some rosemary and another kind of over matured herb with purple flowers from the garden and put them in 3 little Southern Living at Home vases. The rosemary have little purple flowers too.
Green goblets and white flowered wine glasses. I bought the latter from the dollar store a few months ago. Maybe those are not white flowers but snow flakes, lol! Oh well, I will use them again in the wintertime. The herbs on the vases smelled so good!

I bought the dragon fly place card holders from the Longwood antebellum mansion gift shop about 3 years ago. I think they are iron cause they are heavy.

Tin bird napkin holders are from Z Gallerie in Tampa, FL. The asparagus S & P shakers are from a flea market in Vidalia, LA. And because this is outdoor, I thought my bee flatware would be most appropriate to use.

A view of the driveway and garage.

I bought the pair of magnolia candle holders from an antique shop downtown some years ago.
I think I paid about $8 for the pair. I bought them because I have plates that match them.

The star jasmine is starting to climb up too.

According to Pat's (Back Porch Musings) hubby, the climbing vine is a morning glory. It has little bell shaped purple flowers. Again, I forgot to take a close up picture.

Can you spot the arbor in the background on the left side? I just grabbed a green tablecloth with fringes to use. It's really old. I've had it since we lived in Florida. I think it is supposed to be a throw but I've only used it for a tablecloth.

We bought the iron chair set from Jimmy Pippen's estate. They are very heavy.

I was so happy to see the buds on my orchid plant. I have 3 of them in here and I think the second one is also starting to bud although the stem is not this long yet. They seem to thrive better here and I just pretty much leave them alone. I think they like the humidity.

Unfotunately, my mom and I weren't able to eat here because it started to rain after I swam so I took everything inside the house. I enjoyed creating it. I left the table there and I think I will use it more often. I hope you enjoyed it too. Thanks for coming by and thanks to our hostesses. I hope you get to visit them and their participants at the links below.

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