Monday, September 30, 2013

Asian Table for a Triple Birthday Celebration

This past Sunday, we had a dinner get together to celebrate a triple birthday. I wanted it to be formal but casual as well so I set a formal dinner in the dining room and set up buffet in the kitchen.

 I wanted to use that Asian urn so I decided to make the theme Asian.

 I spotted this jar in a restaurant while John and I were having dinner a couple of months ago. I asked the waitress if it is for sale and sure enough it was, and I thought the price was reasonable so we bought it. I like the antique look of it though the waiter and even the head waiter did not know anything about it. Above the restaurant is an antique store but was closed at that particular time because it was late at night.
 I really like the details on the urn and it is a good size. At first, I thought of adding some fresh flowers from the garden but at the last minute, I decided to just add an orchid next to the jar. Orchids are very Asian, IMO.
 I like these wooden Asian couple and a lady.

I used some salt cellars to put tea light candles. They have a Japanese look.
 The fina china set is "Shima" by Spode.
 Bamboo flatware I thought was appropriate for this theme.
 The embroidered table cloth is from Grand Cayman. Every time we go there, I buy a linen or two from my favorite linen store there.

 I have these Asian napkin rings for quite sometime now. I alternated 2 kinds.

 My Japanese warriors are standing fiercely on each side of the table, paired with cloisonne ginger jars.

 I usually like to mix and match, but this time I had a matchy matchy table, down to the teacups and saucers. But, I set up a buffet in the kitchen with a mix but blended plate designs and colors, mostly for the kids and for some that are attending to the smaller kids.

For the coffee, I used my Tracy Porter "Artesian" pot set because it has sort of an Asian look. Only 2 guests drink coffee after dinner so I had another pot set up on the kitchen counter for tea. However, I forget to take a picture.
 Whenever I go to an oriental restaurant, I always see a fish tank so why not use my Fish S&P shakers? For the other side of the table I took my gold and platinum set out, not for the design but for the color. I know it is Greek and not Asian.
We all had such a good time but as usual, we all ate so much, lol.
Thanks again for stopping. I truly enjoy your visits, each and every time!
Thanks to all the hostesses of all these fun parties.

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Tablescape Thursday

Refinished Old tables for the Front Porch.

Those 3 white tables inspired me to clean and rearrange the front porch.
 They were all stained brown when I bought them from a resale shop downtown for a total of $55.00. I was in FL when I saw them posted on FB. I know the owners and I asked one of them if she could hold them for me and that I would pay and pick them up when I got back in town, which I did. I like the solidity and heaviness of the wood. They sat in the garage for a while until I decided to paint them last week.
 There they are all painted white. I only used a regular cheap prime and paint spray paint. I did not have to sand them and they covered beautifully. I did not want to spend a lot of money since they were just going to sit outside.
 Then I distressed them a little, only a little, and waxed them.

 It took me about 30 min. per day for three days to work on them and then they were ready to be moved to the front porch.

 Here is the other side of the front porch. When I get in the mood, I think I will paint the pair of bamboo occasional tables white too. You can't see the other one but it is on the other side of the rocking chair.


 I like that little swing. I placed 2 pumpkin candles on it.
 See that hanging plant? Does anybody know what it is called? I bought it last spring from a plant nursery and it keeps producing babies which I replant so I have them all over. I could never grow any hanging plant here because I seldom come to the front to water. I thought this will  be perfect here because it does not like to be watered too much. I have only seen one of them produce little white flowers on a very long stem, which resembled an orchid.
 Here is a close up.
Thank you so much for stopping by. I really appreciate you all especially the hostesses.
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BTW, I would like to thank Kathryn for featuring my DR and FR Fall Decor last week. I am so honored, Kathryn. Thanks a lot!
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Apples and Artichokes and More

Kathleen is having an apple themed tablescape challenge for Let's Dish this week. I was not sure what I was going to do but I know I have some plain apple green dinnerware and I thought I would use them with some apple table accessories.
But John and I went to Baton Rouge last weekend and we were near Marshall's so I suggested we stop there and he obliged.
Lo and behold...sitting on the shelves were dinner plates with apples, lol. What do you think I did? Look for salad plates that would go with them and guess what! I found them, showed them to John and asked if I should buy them. As usual, he never says "No". I can buy them without asking but I like to ask because it makes me feel like I have his approval first and it makes me less guilty in spending, lol.

And there they are! The dinner plates are all the same but the salad plates all have different fruits on them, one of which has apples. I have a mosaic of the different patterns below.
 I've had this vase with apples and artichokes with fall foliage for several years now. I thought it would be perfect for this table.
I used a sparkly glass apple green charger plate.

 Below, you will see all the different salad plates, pears, peaches, plums and apples. The dinner plates, one of which is pictured at the bottom right of the mosaic, all have different fruits on the same plate.

The basket with fruit (including 2 apples) jars came from Eccentricities, a consignment and antique store downtown.

 The artichoke name place holder is from Williams Sonoma. I have been eyeing them for quite some time and they finally had them on clearance last weekend so I bought them. I also bought matching napkin holders.
 I added a little straw scarecrow for some whimsy. After all, we need to shoo the birds away from the apples.

 I wanted to use my rustic orange (which looks more like red) goblets but I could not find them. I  know they are in a bin in the garage but they are not cataloged yet.

 Ceramic artichoke napkin rings from Williams Sonoma. They were on clearance for $2.54 each.
 We will need this wheelbarrow (salt cellar) to carry the apples that we pick. Notice the asparagus napkin ring holder, also from WS.

 To serve tea, I took down the hen teapot from the top of the frig., along with the hen sugar and cream servers. I love the little chick serving as the cap, riding on mother hen's back.
 I moved this tea cart from the front porch. It used to be all black but it got all chippy from sitting outside for the last 2 years. I thought I would repaint it but after cleaning it up, I actually like the chippiness and kept it as is.
 The divided basket tray that is sitting on the coffee table came from the top of that trunk. I replaced it with rooster pillows, making it look more like a small window seat now.

 The cups are antique made by Hammersley. Notice the spout on the cups and the deep saucers. They were meant to pour the hot tea into the saucer to cool and then poured back into the cup.
Once again, I really enjoyed your visits. I love reading your comments too. Thank you so much for coming. And thank you to the hostesses for all their efforts in throwing all these parties.
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