Monday, April 29, 2013

No Stress Table But Lots of Food and Fun

April 29th was John and my birthday but it falls on a Monday. An orthopedic surgeon and his wife already invited us out to dinner so we did not really plan to do anything else to celebrate but my friends wanted to get together and have a picnic, perhaps in the park. Then, I never heard of it until the day before when one of them asked me what time they are all coming to the house on Sunday. So, I guess they all decided to just come here instead, which I didn't mind at all. But I wasn't expecting it so I made it easy for me.
I thought I would use Polish pottery plates since they are easily accessible from the kitchen hutch, no need to dig through the garage dish room.
In order for me to put the plates on the table ahead of time, I used screened domes to keep bugs away.

I covered the flatware with a napkin but I just uncovered it for the photos.

I did not even use any tablecloth.
 There is Brenda just relaxing, and posing.
 They all brought food and all I prepared were the spare ribs, fruit salad, rice and drinks.
 And there it is, the table is all set!

 Oh, I also bought a Mississippi mud pie from the store. I never feel a need to bake one myself because the store bought one is really good and moist.

My centerpiece was what was already on the table before I even staerted setting it. Easy as pie!
 There was plenty of food for us all, more than enough.
 I wonder how many couples have the same exact birthdays like us, well not exactly cause John was born 3 years sooner!

Our handsome guys! Doesn't John resemble the new pope? You should see him with his glasses on!

 We all had fun swimming! We turned the pool heat on to 81 degrees and it was really comfortable.

 Don't mind the towel in my head. I took a shower before opening presents and I was trying to dry it, lol. I love my fleur de lis candle holders that Brenda gave me. John loves his bird tabletop windchimes too! Thanks, Bren!
Thanks to all our friends for celebrating our birthday with us!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Polish Pottery Vignette

Because of spring, I have been putting pastel colored linens and items on the table but I started missing my blues. So, I decided to create a vignette on the breakfast table using my Polish pottery.
I started with this (using various dessert/salad plates)
but ended up with this.
I substituted the salad plates with smaller blue, orange and white with a little green divided plates. I also have divided dinner plates (not shown here). I like using them for everyday.  I saw them at first in a Polish pottery store in the market place in Seattle. They are convenient especially if you like to eat with dipping sauces like me.
 I bought the runner from the Roatan Island in the Caribbean. I like the deep blues in it and the bright yellow and orange combo.

 I found this ceramic Polish pottery sign on Ebay and placed it under a little cloche.
Under the big cloche is a small sauce pot, an egg PP s & p shakers and a potted faux rosemary name place holder.

 The blue and green figural pottery in front are s & p shakers too.

Now I have my favorite Polish pottery on the table too, to look at everytime I go to the kitchen.
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let's Travel to St. Petersburg, Russia!

It's been a few years ago since we went to St. Petersburg, Russia, but I still remember it so well. I was so excited and really wanted to see how the Russians live and wanted to see the city. I was surprised to see the wealth still contained in their museums and palaces.
Many vendors sell Matryoshka nesting dolls.
 Lots of beautiful old buildings.

 Inside the Hermitage



 Hermitage Museum
 Jordan Staircase inside the museum
 Exquisite ceilings
 Beautiful huge urns
 What was so exciting about the trip was that I was travelling with 2 sisters and lots of relatives. My sister Fe, organized a tour with over 30 of our friends and relatives. Shown below is me and my sister Tessie.
 Mariinsky Opera House
 Peter the Great Monument
 St. Isaac's Cathedral
 Me, Tess and my aunt Baby who lives in California. I grew up with her and we used to play together when we were little.

I love the paintings
 We were not allowed to take home any antique religious icons, war memorabilia, Russian coins, real fur, etc. So many rules!
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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Birds Landed on The Gazebo Table

I love birds and when Kathleen announced her bird tablescape party, I got excited. The weather has been so nice outside so I decided to set the gazebo table.

The blooming orange trumpets added to the color of the area, especially against the green background. Before I left for FL, the trees had no leaves, 3 weeks later, I came back and it was all green outside with so many flowers blooming. What a great welcome!

 I just cut out some flowers, placed them in a vase with water and I had my centerpiece. But of course, the table attracted the birds so they joined in.

 I started with a lace tablecloth that I bought from a resale shop, in another booth where I used to have my store. I think I paid $3 for it.
 I added my wood chargers, green linen placemats and then my square 222 Fifth "Adelaide" green and white plates. I bought these from TJ Maxx in Baton Rouge maybe a year or 2 ago and I like them very much but I do not know why I never used them until now. See the birds on them?

I debated whether or not, I should use my square ceramic white plate chargers since the plates are square, but you can see which one won.

Dragon fly tealight holders also made it on the table.

 I should have lit my candelier but I was lazy to climb up on the chair, lol.
So, I will just show it to you.

 More birds on pedestals. I had a third one here but I dropped it and it broke, but I was able to fix it later. See the iron dragon fly tealight holder and a butterfly votive holder too?

A pierced tealight candle holder and white birds napkin rings, dark bamboo handled flatware and green goblets.
 The bird is looking down into the secret garden, admiring the yellow irises blooms.
Plus this!
 Lastly, I want to show this to you to get your opinions. See the bridge? I would love to add a pond underneath but I am afraid to attract water moccasins and mosquitoes. Will I if there is a pond? I welcome any ideas or opinions on this.
 And while I was setting the table, our Northern mockingbird was laying eggs.

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