Friday, April 30, 2010

Washington DC and a Pink Pillow

It's Saturday again and it is time to go sightseeing. It is also time to show our pinks and a few of our favorite things. Today I am taking you on one of my favorite US trips, Washington DC.
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I saw this pillow at Ross for $6. I love the sweet colors and the ruffling and although I do not have any room in the house with pink decor, I had to buy it. Right now it's on my brown leather ottoman in the family room but I know it will move again. It instantly became one of my favorite pillows!

Now on to our trip. I really enjoyed touring Washington DC and it really is one of my favorite tours in US. There was so much to see and learn in one tiny city, so much history. There was hustle and bustle everywhere you looked.
Below is the Washington Monument. It is standing so tall that you can pretty much see it whereever you go within the city.
We went there just after the cherry blossom festival but the trees were still blooming. Aren't they gorgeous?
Capitol Building

Lincoln Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

The White House. Unfortunately, we weren't able to tour inside because they are stricter now. It seems like you have to know an official who will make an appointment for you or schedule far ahead in advance so they can do a background check on you first.
So we just took pictures from outside the gate as many other tourists did.

It is really a very pretty and stately building.

Isn't that a lovely door?

Vietnam War Memorial
In the wall are names of soldiers who perished during the war.

The Treasury Dept.
We watched how they print money and it was really very interesting. I must be losing some pictures cause I cannot find the ones I took inside the building.

I thought this picture is funny!

Arlington Cemetery
Do you see where John F. Kennedy was buried?

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and changing of the guard.
It was a pretty neat ceremony.
We went to the Museum of Science and Industries. There were so many things for everyone to enjoy. I was interested in Jacqueline Kennedy's inaugural gown while AJ was interested in Dorothy's shoes and John was more into George Washington's sword and uniform.
While we were there, we met with my HS classmate, Celi, who works as a lawyer there. I have not seen her in more than 40 years. We also met her family and we all had lunch in a place where a lot of politicians eat. I cannot remember the name of the restaurant. I know I took more pictures showing the name but I just cannot find them. It was so wonderful to see Celi again!
We took the Hop On, Hop off tour bus to go around. It was a good idea cause you can go around the city, hop off to any place you want to see and enter and then catch the bus to go around again.
Thank you so much for joining me in this tour. And thanks to our gracious hostesses for hosting these events.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Christine's Diner, Now Open For Lunch and Dinner

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This tablescape is really thrifty, most of the items I used are free.

Please come eat at Christine's Diner!

See the signs on the window? My daughter, the one who had a baby in Florida last February, and her family outgrew their house so they bought another one. A new house comes with a new decor and she was going to get rid of her vintage signs. I told her I will take them so I packed everything I could in my suitcase, lol. You probably remember seeing them on their wall when I did a tablescape at their house.

I got 4 placemats, the 2 tin signs on the window, the hotdog on a galvanized steel in the centerpiece, a tray that is holding my centerpiece right now and the 4 rectangular pieces that are holding the flatware. I could have gotten more but my 2 suitcases were already 50 lbs each plus my hand carry luggage was packed too. No way was I going to pay for overyweight luggage.

You can have vanilla shake or parfait in those orange glasses, actually plastic.

I bought the coca cola glasses from the $1 store. Yep, you got that right......for a $1 each!

I also got that "Eat Here" sign from my daughter, free of course, which I used as a vase. I used one of our everyday dishes, plates and bowls, which I bought at the dollar store when I still lived in Florida. I really like these dishes, they are heavy and sturdy and I love the colors.

I also used our ugly everyday flatware. Actually, I don't even use this set because I think they are really ugly, lol. But they fit the theme.

These are the placemats, except for the last one which is a tray. I took a picture without the plates to show you. They used to hang on my daughter's kitchen dining wall (not the tray) I forgot to take a pic of the 4th placemat.

Below is the centerpiece that I put together

I used hurricane candles, which I think look old fashioned.

Roses blooming outside the window by the little wall fountain.

I told you, my diner is open at night too.
I bought the tablecloth from the flea market in St. Maarten's French side. You don't see them but it has fish applique scattered all over.

Hope you enjoyed my thrifty vintage tablescape. Thank you so much for coming by.

Thanks to Susan and Leigh for hosting these 2 fun memes!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fire and Water!!

Last Sunday, John and I decided to go to Baton Rouge to get another one of the boxes for the garden hose. We bought one last week and it works great. After watering the plants, I just have to switch a lever and it pulls and rolls up the hose by itself. I will have to blog about it to show you. It's pretty impressive. Anyway, we decided to get another one for the other hose. After Lowe's, he wanted to stop by Target. He likes their sushi.
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Anyway, Target is next to Ross so I told John to drop me off at Ross while he goes to Target. And IHOP is in front of Ross. This is what we saw as we turned to go to Ross. IHOP was on fire! It looks like only the entrance part was on fire and the firemen were already there.

As you can see, they started hosing the building with water.

There was black smoke everywhere.

And OMG, it looks like the restaurant just opened. I felt so bad for the business owner.

Now the fires's in the back of the building too. Do you see the broken windows below? They weren't broken in the previous pictures.

I would have moved that car so fast if it were mine. I don't know why it is still parked there.
Do you see the water go through the back wall? I can just imagine the pressure of that H2O.

Look at that! The water went through the back wall.

I was trying to capture the whole thing by shooting diagonally. I was too excited that I forgot to use the panoramic capability of my camera.

We parked across the street and just watched for a while.

When we left, this is how the front looked.
In case you are curious as to what I bought from Ross, it's everything in front of the white table: wire shelves that I used to put plants near the fountain (my next Tabletop Tues. post). a set of 4 placemats, a faux orchid in a vase, a patriotic candle holder (getting ready for Memorial Day and 4th of July) and a white candle, 2 dragonfly stepping stones, 2 plant stands with stone inlay and a garden accessory and all of that for $89.28. I love Ross!

I hope nobody was hurt in the fire and I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for coming!
And thanks to our gracious hostesses for these fun memes.

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