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Blue Ruffled Bowls: Arbor and Gazebo Transformation

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I know I am obsessed with Polish Pottery. But can you blame me? I just love all the different designs and colors and blue always predominate.

I want to share 2 ruffled bowls, one is on a pedestal and one isn't. They are quite big so they don't fit in any of my china cabinets so I just leave them on my kitchen island. They are pretty enough to display anyway, don't you think so? I can also just put them on top of each other, acually the non-footed one fits perfectly on the one with a pedestal.

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Our arbor and gazebo really went through quite a transformation this past week. I have been working a lot but Mother Nature helped quite a bit.

Two weeks ago, this is how the arbor was. The peach tree was blooming and the Japanese magnolia was full of flowers but no leaves. See them (2) at the bottom behind the arbor?

This is now. All of a sudden it's all green everywhere. The azaleas are blooming and the peach trees and Jap. magnolia trees are full of leaves.

The ajugas that I planted last year around the stepping stones are also blooming. They have pretty little purple flowers.

The fruit trees that we planted last year are also coming back, except for the citrus. I think they are dead, a lemon and 3 calamondins.

Side view of the arbor. We planted 2 jasmines on each side but one of them dried up. But it is coming back up so I don't want to replace it. We will just wait till it grows taller.

This is the back of the arbor, the picture was taken from the gazebo.

Here is the gazebo 2 weeks ago.

And look at it now! Green all around!

This is the view as you enter the gate from the driveway.

These are steps going down from the gazebo to the secret garden. I will show more of it next time because this post is getting too long.

View from the pool.

We have so many birds everywhere. They are so loud. They all come down after I water the plants to drink from a bird bath and puddles. They get so thirsty.

Look at the cardinal singing here.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this part of the yard. I still have so much more work to do but I am happy with it now.

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Coffeeveggie addict. said...

so beautiful your photos!

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

so beautiful your photos!

Coffeeveggie addict. said...
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Coffeeveggie addict. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Coffeeveggie addict. said...

so sorry for the double posting my internet suddenly became slow,my apology....


Ann said...

I just love Polish Pottery and your ruffled bowls are fantastic! Enjoy them. :)

Marie said...

What a lovely post. I do like your pottary.

Debra said...

Hey Christine, your arbor and gazebo are just beautiful.

I would like to come to the dinner, but I have one thing I need to check on before I can commit fully!

I'll let you know as quickly as I can. Sounds like you have a lovely day planned. Will be back in touch soon!


luna said...

What great shots and wonderful garden-scenes!!!

Carol at Serendipity said...

Beautiful bowls - I would keep them on the counter too.

Your arbor and gazebo are magnificent.


Natasha in Oz said...

I can see why you love that pottery from Poland so much-it really is beautiful.

I just can't believe the transformation in your garden too! It looks so lush and healthy. I bet you can't wait to get in that pool-is it warm enough yet?

Best wishes and Happy week,

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Loved your garden tour. We are just starting to green up here as the days are warmer.
Have a great week!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Christine, that is a huge difference in two weeks. Same way here. I love your arbor with the jasmine growing over it. You have such a nice private backyard to enjoy the beauties of nature. Great shots of the cardinal. I can see him singing!

Allison Shops said...

What a difference a few weeks makes! Lovely yard. Stopping by from BNOTP.

Beth said...

Christine, I love your blue ruffled bowls - Happy Blue Monday!
Your yard is absolutely gorgeous! I can see that it takes a great deal of time, but it sounds like you enjoy being outside creating a beautiful setting for you and John. Christine, you truly are an artist both inside and outside the home.
Now, I must scroll down and see what I missed from your ports of call on the cruise - I have been looking forward to reading about it!
Have a wonderful and blessed day! Love reading your blog - it brightens my day!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Love those dishes but my goodness, your yard is AMAZING!!! I ADORE it!!

Nancy said...

Christine, beautiful pics. I read down a few posts. Such fun traveling with you. Love the blooming in MS now.

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Hi Christine, you always have beautiful blue collection and great places shared here at Blue Monday. Thanks for sharing.

View mine here

SmilingSally said...

Those Polish bowls are gorgeous, Christine. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

What a pretty yard!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Christine, your new Polish bowls are just gorgeous and your yard is stunning. You have done so much work and it is so inviting and beautiful. Love it. Hugs, Marty

Kathysue said...

Hi C, nice to see you over at my blog this morning!! Wow your yard is gorgeous. It is exactly what my post was about today. Destinations and quaint charming places to sit in the yard. You need to get some of the Chinese lanterns, they would look amazing in your yard!! Have a Happy Monday!! Kathysue

Helen said...

You live in a wooded wonderland! I love the look and feel of all the green. I also enjoyed those ruffled bowls ~ I don't think I have ever owned any ruffled china. Must do a little searching I think.

Blondie's Journal said...

What a paradise, Christine!! I am amazed the way everything has taken off since last year and now again in just two weeks! It is so pretty and peaceful looking. The view from the pool is awesome.

Your hard work has paid off!! :-)


Americana Lady said...

You have beautiful sitting areas in your yard! The cardinal looks great with the backdrop of the green leaves. I wish I could go swimming... Joan@Americana By

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Girlfriend..

It was so sweet of you to drop by for a visit yesterday! Girlfriend, I do apologize for being soooo long to get by for a's just been crazy busy for me between our trip to Vegas and all the family needs! Thank you so much for your prayers for both of my grandsons Seth and Bud...I sooo appreciate them!!! We were so disappointed that the heart surgeon was unable to get to the effected area of Seth's heart! They are thinking about doing another surgery but it would be a "full-blown" heart surgery. The surgeon would have to go through the heart to get to the effected area...of course, this is much more dangerous! She needs more data before doing the surgery they have put another EKG monitor on Seth for the next 21 days. I guess they will decide what to do at the end of this time. There is also medication that can be given to help the Wolff-Parkinson-Whites. Please pray that the Lord will give the Drs. and my daughter and son-in-law the wisdom to make the right decisions in Seth's treatment! I know that prayer changes things!!! I also believe what the Word of God says, that the things impossible to man are POSSIBLE with God!!!

Anyway, I am writing a book here! Eeeks! Girlfriend, I just love all of your beautiful Polish pottery! I love the colors and patterns!!! Your ruffled dishes are simply gorgeous! It is my far as colors and patterns go...with the Polish the blues and greens together!!! Ohhh my, isn't it just awesome what a couple of weeks can make to the landscape? Loved seeing all of your photos of the arbor, gazebo, and pool! Sooo very beautiful, Darlin'!!! I bet you're just having a blast working out in those gardens!!! Well my friend, take care and I'll talk with you later!!!

Love ya,

Denise said...

Great pictures Christine, I always love seeing your back garden. I wish I had more plants and flowers in mine, it's a work in progress that's for sure :)

Shelia said...

HI pretty Christine! Oh, I do love seeing your gorgeous Polish pottery collection. These bowls are just pretty and I could see some yellow lemons sitting all pretty in them. ;)

Now your yard is so beautiful and I'm amazed at how big it is and you have little sections for different things. Love how it back up to those forest trees!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Dolores said...

Hi Christine,
I love your Polish bowls!

It's so amazing the transformation that takes place in 2 weeks during the springtime. Your yard is absolutely heavenly. You have so many interesting and inviting areas to sit and enjoy...... So beautiful!!!

Marice said...

wow your place looks really lovely ;) thanks for inviting us ;)

u may view mine here

Kathleen said...

Oh that jasmine must smell wonderful! I love those bowls and I have a perfect spot for them! On my island..:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Christine, your gardens and plants are beautiful. I wish we could grow azaleas here. I love your arbor. DH is going to build me one this weekend, and I'm going to plant grape vines for it. Thank you so much for your garden tour.

bj said...

Oh, boy...I WANT THOSE BOWLS..:))
The flowers are so pretty. And, the gazbo is to die for.
Ummm...just beautiful.

Marie said...

OMG Christine...luv your arbor and gazebo and your garden is looking divine. It's so inviting and peaceful!

Regina said...

Wow wonderful outdoor!
Thank you for sharing Christine.
Have a lovely day.

Katie@LeBeauPaonVictorien said...

You have a very beautiful yard! And it looks so spacious!
I love the idea of a 'secret garden' too!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Oh my God, those are beautiful birds Christine!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The bowls are beautiful. The garden looks so relaxing. Wonderful places to sit and think.
Great Cardinal photo. They are so pretty.

Allison Shops said...

I miss seeing cardinals. We just don't get many out here. Dropping by from Outdoor Wednesday - this time. Please come see my garden!


joanna said...

Now that is a splendid garden --- no wonder you said there are many birds singing -- they have a reason to in your garden.

simply lovely so glad I stopped by -- my first time here from Outdoor Wed.


Light and Voices said...

I grabbed a second cup of joe and sat at your gazebo for awhile. Now I'm going to run along and see what others have posted for Outdoor Wednesday.
Joyce M

eileeninmd said...

I love your yard. Beautiful landscaping. The gazebo is my favorite. Wonderful photos, Christine.

Ms. Bake-it said...

Love your Polish Pottery! Your yard is gorgeous! I love the arbor and gazebo. Fantastic shots of the cardinals.

~ Tracy

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Christine...your yard is soooo beautiful! I could look at your pics all day long! Quite a difference between winter and summer. We almost forget don't we during the winter how lush everything can be. Thanks so much for posting those awesome pics at Houzz! I left you a comment there. :-) Really appreciate your participation and adding those for everyone to view...they were great!
I would LIVE in your yard! Great cardinal pics...the red against the green is so stunning! :-) Love this post!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Christine, your yard looks beautiful. I don't know how you keep up with all of this and do all of the traveling you do. Your bird photos are great too. laurie

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