Friday, April 23, 2010

Last Port: Costa Maya

Today, we will go to the last port of call of our last cruise, which was Costa Maya in Mexico.
But before we go there, let me share my pink contribution for Beverly's Pink Saturday. You may see more pretty pinks at
Have you ever seen this type of hydrangeas? I am so used to the more common kind that when I saw this at Lowe's last weekend, I had to get it. I love the color of the flower, pink and green, so springy. You see it here already planted in my secret garden.

It's time to go to Costa Maya now. Again, my stepdaughter and her dh went on an excursion, so we got to babysit Holden. The 2 older toddlers were left at Camp Carnival. We really do not mind babysitting because for one thing, the baby is really good and who wouldn't want to spend time with grandchildren? Another reason is because we have been to Costa Maya in the past so we have toured it. I really just wanted to shop. There are more pinks to share here. See the pink building? We were just in the port, which was full of shops.

Costa Maya is one of my favorite ports They have really made it so comfy for tourists to hang out on. They have a huge swimming pool by the restaurants and anyone can swim for free and they have a lot of hammocks, chaise and chairs where you can just relax and enjoy the sun and scenery.
Just look at that huge pool! It wraps around the restaurant in the center of the shopping center.

John took Holden there while I shopped.

Coconut trees!

We even got to watch Mexican dancers perform for free.

The cruise ships in the background.
That's me!

Beautiful water.
And this is my favorite for today. A Few of My Favorite Things is a meme hosted by Laurie of Check out some favorite beauties by going to her blog and her participants.
I bought the sterling silver necklace or choker below in Costa Maya. I saw it in a jewelry shop, really liked it but I did not like the price so I walked through all the jewel shops to look for something just like it, but could not find one. So, I went back, negotiated a price for the necklace and a pair of cuff links for John, and bought them for a price the seller and I were both happy with. I justified myself by thinking that we have not spent the amount that we decided to spend for shopping yet and this was the last port.
The necklace has a sterling silver Mayan medallion which could be a calendar or just ancient inscriptions (I forgot what the sales clerk said) surrounded by red and black corals. Alternating with the coral framed medallions are sterling silver rings.
Well Laurie, this was my favorite purchase from Costa Maya. Thank you for the opportunity for me to show it.

Thanks also to Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday.
I want to thank y'all for coming by and commenting.
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