Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

If you are following my blog, you would know that we just came from Mexico a few weeks ago so I have been meaning to create a Mexican tablescape ever since. And I finally did! Thanks to Susan of for making it possible for me to share it with you.

Finding margarita glasses with a cactus stem at the dollar store added to my inspiration, yep for $1 each, and they couldn't be more perfect on this Mexican table. Thanks to Leigh at for allowing me to show them to you on Thrifty Thursday.

I hope you will visit our gracious hosts and their participants. I know you won't be sorry.

I bought this little tabletop Mexican house from Cozumel. It really looks like a minature Mexican villa and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. You can also see the margarita glasses here. Don't you just love the cactus base? I added my faux palm and a bird taper candle holder to complete the centerpiece

I bought the dishes from Brylane Home (I think) a long time ago, or was it Boscov's? I buy so many dishes from everywhere that after a while, I forget where I bought which ones, lol. I do get a lot of senior moments now you know, lol.

Close up of the glasses. The green goblets I have had since I lived in Florida. My son and DIL gave me the orange flatware for a Christmas present in 2008. Do you see the paper lanterns? They moved! They seem to follow my tablescapes, lol.
I cut up some roses from the rose topiary, which you can see is full of roses, to put on my vases on the table.
The tablecloth is also from Cozumel, it is actually a Mexican blanket which was also a thrifty find. I think I bought 4 different colors for $20 total.
My veggie/herb garden is doing beautifully. We have been cooking and eating the herbs already.

And look at my grape vine! It's getting so lush and to think that it just started coming up from the winter freeze a few weeks ago. Do you see the tiny little grapes? They are all over the vine and they are so cute!

I know some of you want to see the lanterns lit. They are battery operated so you can put them everywhere. The bottom pic on the mosaic will show you.

And here is a closer pic.

It's getting darker!

Do you like my clay candle holder? also from Cozumel.

I appreciate your visit and comments today. Thanks! I hope you enjoyed my Mexican tablescape. "Mi casa es su casa!"
And many thanks to our hostesses, Susan and Leigh.

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