Friday, April 2, 2010

Saturday Easter Pinks and Colorful Cozumel

So sorry, I missed posting for Sightseeing Sat.last week. We were traveling and I posted things in advance and I thought I did for Sat. too but didn't. Anyway, I hope this post makes up for it since I am doing a triple.
Pink Saturday is hosted by Beverly at
Laurie just started hosting a new exciting meme where we can show a few of our Favorite Things. You know I have lots of favorite things so this would be a fun and easy one for me. Visit Laurie at

I told ya I have lots of favorite things but let me show you just a few. Do you Skype? I miss my grandkids a lot so I see and talk to them through the computer screen. That's one of my favorite things to do. You can download it for free and try it if you have a webcam. Shelia of Note Songs wanted to see a new picture of the baby so here he is! I think he needs to go on a diet, lol!

Yesterday after coming back from buying crawfish, I saw this huge package in the garage. It was from my sister, a birthday gift. I opened it right away (even if my bday is not until the 29th) and it is a peacock. My sister knows me very well and knows I love peacocks. I love all the jewels in it too and it's one of my favorites. Thanks sis! Love the birthday present. It looks a lot better in person too, the picture does not do it justice at all.
Beverly said we should post some Easter pinks so here are a few things, a cloth bunny with a watering can, an egg cup on a pedestal (I love its tiny spoon!) and just a part of my centerpiece in the kitchen nook that I plan to use for Easter breakfast. I will post the whole thing for Tablescape Thursday.
And now I would like to show you the first port of call on the cruise that we just took last week. We did not take an excursion for 2 reasons: we have been there several times and we had to babysit. My stepdaughter and her hubby wanted to take an excursion. They cruised with 3 toddlers and the youngest one who just turned 1 on the first day of our cruise was too young for Camp Carnival so we volunteered to take him. So, we just strolled and shopped by the port. I hope you don't mind me showing you just around there.
One thing I like about Cozumel is the color of the water, it is aqua blue and it really is very refreshing to see.
Here we are starting the long walk to the port.

I think the port is beautiful.
The pinatas give the place a very Mexican feel.
Posing by the sign so I can be reminded in the future where I was. lol.

Lots of palms and coconut trees.

Holden was so good and it was such a pleasure to take care of him.

The flowers were gorgeous and so colorful.
I had a lot of fun shopping. Holden had fun too, grabbing things here and there, lol. Do you see the Mexican house in the center? I bought it and you will see it in one of my future tablescapes. I also bought a small sombrero for what I have in mind.
We went back to the ship for lunch and to meet with Kerri and Steve and the wind was blowing so hard. Holden just kept laughing, he really enjoyed the wind.

We went back to the port with Kerri and her 2 older children. Here you will see them partying.
Miss Glamour Girl was showing us her dance moves.
Then we snacked at this restaurant and just rested for a while before going back to the ship.

It was a very nice sunny day, the weather was perfect and we had a lot of fun just walking around.
I hope you enjoyed that part of Mexico.
Thanks Susan and Laurie, for posting 2 fun memes and thank you all for your visit!

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