Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Party, 2012

It seems like I have not posted anything for eons. I was sick for a week, flu, I think. John and I went to mass on Christmas eve and then opened presents, then went to bed. It was quiet but nice and I really needed my rest. My eldest sister, Fe from Illinois, brought my mom here on the 26th so I scheduled our Christmas party on the 27th. My mom will stay with me for 2 months. It worked out pretty well cause it gave me a few days to recover.
I had over 30 people so I decided to just set up for buffet. I used my Lenox Winter Greetings set, my favorite Christmas patterned dishes.

 We had lots of food, turkey complete with all the trimmings, sweet potato casserole,  ham, sushi, sweet and sour red snapper, steamed crabs, kare kare (a Filipino specialty) and palabok, another Filipino specialty with noodles, plus several desserts.

Here is our dessert table. We had fruit salad, flan, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, Cassava bibingka and various cookies and fudge and apple cranberry tea. I could not fit the cups on the table so I placed them on the hutch to the left of the table. The cups were all Lenox Winter Greetings also.

 It was very informal. I just placed the drinks on the round table in the kitchen.

 My mom who will be 95 years old in July. She looks so good and to think that at that age, she is not taking any prescription medicine. She only takes a fish oil capsule and One a day vitamin daily. And look at that skin!....hardly any wrinkles.
 Just as I said, very informal. The guests had a good time picking and eating the crabs with their hands, lol.
 My sister, me and my mom.
 The ladies, just chit chatting.
 We had a Cajun exchange gift afterwards. So much fun!
 We should have taken a group picture sooner cause some of the guests were already gone when I thought of it.
Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you all had a nice Christmas holiday and will have lots of blessings this coming new year.
Thanks to the hostesses.
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Polish Pottery Breakfast

I have an ever growing collection of Polish pottery dishes and it wouldn't be complete without a Christmas pattern, would it?
 I set a breakfast table, Here's the cereal bowl and a bread and butter plate.
A goblet for water or orange juice and mug for coffee or tea.

These are my latest acquisitions, a christmas tree tea light candle holder and a hurricane candle holder, from Tuesday Morning and they were 25% off of an already discounted price.

 A gravy boat is perfect for the maple syrup.

 I also bought this flatware set from Tuesday Morning.
 and these too!

 Isn't this a cute butter dish?

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a new year full of good health, peace, happiness and prosperity.
Thank you so much for stopping by and I especially thank the hostesses of the following memes that I am linking with.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa's Reindeers

 I set the table in front of the fireplace in the kitchen.

I started with a snowflake placemat I found at Big Lots in Florida. I do not know why this came out sideways even though the picture I uploaded it from is not.
The same thing with this, also sideways and I could not correct it. Does anybody know how to correct it? Again the original is fine but it uploads this way. Anyway, I found this plate charger last year, again from Ebay. I think they were made in Portugal. There were only 7 and I wish I could find an 8th one.

The dinner plates do not match the salad plates. I bought them from a thrift store about 2 weeks ago, $9 for 6 of them. I think the snowflakes around the edge look good peeking through the reindeer salad plates, which you will see on the next picture.
I also bought these reindeer salad plates from the same thrift store, really cheap, $6 for all 8 of them. Here's Vixen!

White Mud Pie snowflake goblets from Ebay ($38 for 12 of them, free shipping) and etched glasses I bought from an estate sale for $6/6.
The flatware are silver plated but I cannot remember the pattern name. I got them from Horchow some time ago. They are very heavy and I am always very careful not to drop them on the dishes, afraid of breaking the plates. 
And here is a complete place seetting.
I bought the napkins from an antique shop in Seattle while shopping with Vanna.

Snowmen S & P shakers.
My centerpiece consists of 2 white reindeers, with bows tied around their necks and a reindeer votive candle holder placed inside a cloche. I added holly berries both inside the cloche and on the lazy Susan and swirled a tartan ribbon around. Then I added mercury tea light candle holders all around.
Here's Comet. I did not even realize that the salad plates are all different until I saw the pictures. Otherwise, I would have taken a close up of each one of them.
I also placed 2 girly reindeers (could they be called reindoes? lol!)
Isn't this very glamorous one a cutie? There are 2 of them and I found them at TJ Maxx last weekend for $1.99 each. This one's probably Rudolph's girlfriend, lol.

Thank you for coming. I hope you are all geared up for the coming holidays. I just love Christmas, don't you?
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I really appreciate you all. Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 10, 2012

First Christmas Tea of this 2012 Season.

It was so nice the last 3 days, temp was in the 70's and sunny, but I should have known that it would not last forever. Today I was awaken by lightning and thunder. It is so dark outside and it is supposed to go down to the 30's tonight. It is already starting to get cold so I decided to put some fire in the fireplace.
I always enjoy sipping tea when it is cold. I am indeed enjoying the coziness the fire brings.
 I just got this from Annie's Tea Time. Lychees and mangoes are my most favorite fruits and how lucky to find out that they have a tea in this combined flavor! It is delicious and now my favorite among all the Whittard of Chelsea flavored teas.

I took out my Spode Christmas Tree for one but I did not use the cup under the pot. Instead I used another Spode teacup and saucer set.
 John bought this tray with a winter scene and a bird when he went to Baton Rouge before going to the airport to pick me up after I flew from Florida. He really can read my mind because I already own a sugar and creamer set but I am still on a lookout for a teapot in the same pattern. Last weekend, I found some dessert plates and I bought 4. Eventually, I can complete the set, I hope! I really like that bird that is attached to the tray.

Thanks for stopping by. Wish you could really stop by and join me for tea. I will even bake some goodies if you do. Today I just had some candy coated fruits to eat with my tea.
Thanks especially to our gracious hostesses:

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