Friday, June 29, 2012

TeaTime Shows Patriotism

I have a lot of Polish pottery and I am having so much fun mixing and matching them. Since it is almost Independence Day, I thought I would use it for this tea table.

The pitcher is perfect with its stars and stripes. I cut some flowers from the bushes by our mailbox to put in them.

 My teapot warmer has stars and stripes too.

I am not sure what the bushes are called where I cut these flowers from but I think they are pretty in that pitcher.

 I love the effect of the sun rays shining on the red candle.

I found this  plaid material from Ross a long time ago and just kept it a cabinet in the laundry room. I thought it was really cheap, $8.99, and it even came with smaller one which I used for a runner here. When I bought it, I was thinking of laying it on the grass for a picnic since it is so thick. I love the texture of the material. I think it will good for the beach too.
 It is rectangular and I placed it diagonally on the table.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The King of the House, The Doc!

Although we did not eat at home (We were invited to eat out for lunch and then had to go to a dinner party at night), I set a Father's Day table. I could not show it last week because I wanted to join Kathleen's Beach Party.
 I thought I would use my medical dish ware in honor of John's hard work both in the clinic and hospital, to support my dish addiction, lol..

 I found this physician figure a long time ago at Ross, at a very cheap price, around $10 if I remember correctly. I have a Lladro doctor figure too but John do not like how the doctor itself looks, so I did not use it. It is bald and old. I could not believe he found it on my mom's armoire and pulled it out to sell at my booth. I had to retrieve it, lol.
Notice the gold medical insignia on the cup and saucer?
I found these set at St. Andrew's thrift store when I stopped by to drop off a donation.
 The glasses also have the medical Caduceus symbol and an RX prescription symbol.
I added some Limoges salad plates framed by silver spray since my figure is silver. 
 Then, I added a bronzy crown and placed a gold elephant tea candle holder in the center.

 I used my gold "Natchez" flatware, which I could not help buying because of the pattern name.
 Medical S & P shakers.

I hope you like my medical tablescape which I created especially for John. Thank you so much for stopping by. I really enjoy your company and especially enjoy reading your comments.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Grandkids Enjoying the Wet Deck and Pool

My daughter Tina and her hubby Scott with her kids and niece AJ came for a visit but it was time to leave. They decided to drive back at night so the kids were able to enjoy the water features all day long.

John and Scott wanted to play pingpong and for them to play seriously, the boys had to be out of sight because they always want to play with them. So, I took them out.

First we took pictures on the bridge and in the gazebo.
They sure like to do wacky poses, lol.

Then, AJ called them to play on the wet deck and swim.

The boys had a great time playing on the wet deck, chasing each other and splashing water.

Please excuse Nathan's diaper, lol. As you can see, he started all dressed up as seen in earlier pictures. Getting wet was not really planned but it was so hot and the water was so inviting.

 Brendan has become a really good swimmer. He is able to jump from the diving board unto an 8 ft deep water at a young preschool age. Nathan is still very cautious. He won't go into the water unless he is on Uncle John or his dad's piggy back. Otherwise, he only stays on the top step of the pool where there is about an inch or 2 of water.

And while big brothers and big cuz AJ were playing outside, Baby Reese was resting inside with mommy, getting ready for the long drive ahead.

They made it safely back home and I miss them so much already. John and I were so happy for the time they spent with us.

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