Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lunch in the Gazebo

We had a really nice week, weather wise, but tomorrow and Thursday night, we will be having freezing temps again, So we thought we better take advantage of the nice weather while we still can. My friends and I planned to have lunch together but there was no time to prepare since I had a dental appointment this morning. Anyway, Brenda went to the Thai Restaurant to buy some take out food and we just decided to eat at home.
 The temperature outside was almost 60 degrees so I set up the table in the gazebo as soon as I got back from my dental appointment.


It was a very casual luncheon, kinda like a picnic. I just took some soda cans and a water bottle for our drinks but took out a moscato too, in case anybody was in the mood to drink.

 I borrowed my planter with blooming blue crocus from the fountain area and used it as a centerpiece. I took out some peacock plates and bamboo flatware to use also, along with the brass plate chargers.

We had Mexican sushi and Chicken basil noodle.
 I thought my bee napkin rings would be fun to use in this garden setting.

Both the sushi and chicken basil noodles were very tasty, sooooo good!
 Here are my lovely guests: Noemie and Brenda.
 And we could see a bunch of white iris blooming at the bottom of the hill.
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg is home to the country's oldest university established in 1386, it is considered the jewel of Germany. It lies in the steep valley where Odenwald mountains meet the Rhine and Neckar Rivers.
Below is the most defining feature of Heidelberg, the castle, which is considered the most magnificent castle ruin in Germany. It took 400 years to build. It suffered severe damage several times and was rebuilt several times but after it was struck by lightning in 1764, attempts of restoration ended. Many of the houses around were built with stones taken from the ruins until Count Charles de Graimberg put a stop to it in 1800.
 The view just below the castle.
 We toured with my 2 sisters and brother in law, cousin and her hubby, nephew and his wife and some friends we met during the river cruise. I love arches and gates and somehow, I always take pictures of them and with them.

 John is so sweet. He never minds carrying my feminine colorful shopping bag, no matter how my relatives tease him. They keep telling me to buy something that is not too feminine. Well, I finally did, so next time we travel together, you won't see this Caribbean looking bag anymore, lol.
 I really like to see all these ancient ruins.

 Heidelberg is also home to the biggest wine barrel. Built in 1751, it holds 220,000 liters (58,000 gallons). It is located within the castle. Nope, this is not the one although this is pretty big also.
 Here it is!!
 Have to look at the view one more time from up there before leaving the castle. Simply breathtaking!
 We were taken next to the main shopping area, which parallels the Neckar River. The whole view of the castle could be seen as we walked.

 A beautiful church by the shopping area. I believe it is a Protestant church.

 In 1778 to 1914, students were held in the Students' Prison called Kavaliersdelikte". Depending on the offense, imprisonment would last from 3 days to 4 weeks, but they were allowed to pause their sentence to attend lectures. While in prison, the students decorated the walls with graffiti and paintings that are still preserved today.
Heidelberg is a student town. One out of 5 residents is a student. The University of Heidelberg, established in 1386, is one of the most prestigious in the world.
 We had to pose in front of the store that carries and sells the "Student Kiss" chocolate candies. The legend says that students would ask a waiter to present this candy to a girl whom he is attracted to. If the girl accepts it, it will mean that she is interested and so the gentleman will not hesitate in getting closer.
 And who wouldn't love this man who does not mind carrying a colorful girly shopping bag for his wife? LOL! I don't hand it to him either, he takes it away from me.
 Mouth watering sweets and goodies, including their famous large snow balls.
 We enjoyed a yummy German lunch in a very charming restaurant within the shopping area.
 I thought this was interesting, a bench sitting right outside one of the stores.
 Time to go back to the bus and head for the ship. We passed by beautiful sceneries along the river.
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Set Up for Valentine's Day Dinner with Friends

My friends voted unanimously, without me, to have a Valentine's party here at our house, lol. So, here I got busy setting up a romantic table in the dining room. I might have to add 2 more chairs because our group is growing.

 I am not sure where I found this hanging thing but I thought it would be perfect to hang from the chandelier. It looks sweet and romantic, doesn't it?
 And there is my centerpiece consisting of 2 Lladro figurines, a matte finished "Waltz Time" and their usual glossy finished "A Kiss to Remember". I added some crystal cupcakes and placed them under 3 miniature cloches. I found the cupcakes from TJ Maxx in Monroe, LA. and placed the heart John bought for me in Germany. I scattered little ceramic roses that I bought from Richard.
 Then at the last minute, I added this planter with red flowers that I just bought from Walmart. I think they are azaleas. I will plant them in the garden afterwards.

The side pieces!

 Cherub napkin holders.
 Red goblets and pink wine glasses.
 Red napkins and flatware

 I found these chocolate candy roses at Walmart. I thought they would be good party favors.
The dinnerware set is Bavarian Tirschenreuth china in "Rosedale" pattern.
White rose name plate holders

I also used ceramic roses I bought from Richard to scatter around the table and to hold place cards.

 Chocolate candy candle
 Cute loving cherubs next to white rose S & P shakers.

Bavarian China Tirschenreuth tea set

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