Thursday, June 26, 2014

American Heritage

I am still in Florida but I thought I would repost this tablescape , for Independence Day. I used American Heritage historical plates. I am not sure if you have noticed, but I love historical plates.

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During our MS Southern Belles get together and while I was showing the girls where I keep my dishes, D saw this set and admired them. Then she asked if I ever did a tablescape with them. And no, I haven't! Then, I realized it is in between Memorial Day and Independence Day so I decided to do a series of patriotic tablescape starting with this one until Independence day.

I used my pair of teapot candlesticks holder. They have blue and yellow on them.

I also used this pair of Princess House cobalt blue candlesticks holder for the other side of the table. They are reversible. Do you see how I revered the other one?

I used a set of white and blue porcelain charger plates, which are made in Portugal. I chose them for their simplicity because I want the focus to be on the dishes.

This is the dinner plate. It has 5 photos depicting American history. You will see a close up in the next mosaic.

Can you recognize all of them? Of course you do!

Statue of Liberty

White House ( I think)



Liberty Bell

And the salad plate is what sold me on this set. Do you see where it says "Natchez" on it?

It's the Natchez steamboat with an American flag.
I used a small pottery for a salt cellar, my cobalt blue goblets and clear with silver edge wine glasses, teapot S & P shakers, the Royal Albert blue rose napkin rings and International silver plated flatware.
The soup bowl has 3 pictures on it namely: St. Louis's Arch, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and I think that is the NY Empire State Building, which are all American icons.

I do not know what this is but maybe it is a cotton field. Is that Martin Luther King on the gravy boat? Oh yes, it is Martin Luther King waving and talking to a crowd of followers and not a cotton field, lol.

The cups has 2 figures on them, an eagle and the White house on the other side. Please correct me if I am wrong but it does looks like the White House to me.

For a centerpiece, I used a cobalt blue cake plate adorned with silver swag and I placed a red, white and blue stars and stripes Polish pottery candle holder, 2 crystal tea light holders and a plant with yellow flowers in a midnight blue pot, which I took in from outside.

I got this for free when I bought the dining room set more than 3 years ago. I had forgotten I had it and just saw it when I was putting away some towels in the guest bathroom closet. This is the first time I used it but I will use it more now that I saw it spread out. I did not realize how pretty it was.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the first in my series of patriotic tablescapes. Thank you all for coming. And thanks Susan for hosting this. Now let's visit Susan at

Friday, June 13, 2014

Rev it Up Trike a Thon Fundraising Event for REA

My youngest daughter, Tina, organized a fund raising event for her niece, Rea, to be held in Hudson, FL on June 28, 2014. If you live in the Tampa Bay Area or anywhere close by, please join us. We have over 200 people signed up already. It will be a fun event for the whole family. I am sharing information below.

Our brave Rea

Donations accepted at 

There will be a lot of prizes. For every $1 donated, you get a raffle ticket.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rea is Beating Cancer!!

I am so sorry for not visiting nor blogging for a few months now. After coming back from a cruise, I went back to my daughter's house, to catch a flight to go back home to Natchez the next day. But a family crisis stopped me from going home. One of my twin granddaughters, Rea, was diagnosed with childhood cancer. She just turned 2 last January. I canceled my trip, to help take care of the other girls especially when Rea is in the hospital and to give moral support, and I have been in FL ever since.

Rea has always been healthy so she was asymptomatic and none of us ever suspected it. She started limping on her left foot that is why Rochelle took her to the pediatrician to be checked. They both thought it was nothing but the doctor ordered an X-ray anyway, just to be sure. And then the nightmare began, she was found to have a pathologic fracture in her knee. She was immediately referred to a children's hospital and then a series of diagnostic tests followed: MRI, CT scans, biopsies of the knee and main source and they biopsied the bone marrow as well, which fortunately was negative. The tests showed no tumor anywhere else. We were thankful that it went in the knee or we would not have had any sign to get it checked otherwise.

It was very hard for me to take at first. I could not eat nor sleep and I had this constant tight knot in my stomach, but this amazing girl showed me how to be strong by showing her strength and bravery. Now, we are in a fighting mode at full charge and we are going to beat this. Rea's treatment is very aggressive and she is under the care of a very knowledgeable group of physicians and nurses. She is undergoing chemo now and she has handled the treatments and controlled the side effects very well. In fact, she has defied all norms and beat all odds. This week, the nurses and oncologists have prepared us to expect her not to eat until maybe 48 hrs after she gets home after chemo and not to force her to if she refuses, and that she would probably throw up a lot because the chemo given to her this week is very harsh unlike the first 2 cycles. Oh well, she has continued to eat very well and has not vomited at all. In fact, she has gained 0.6 kilos since she was admitted and I am so happy for that. She is so brave, extends her arm for blood pressure and whatever tests she anticipates, including blood drawing, and just watches without moving or crying that sometimes, I forget she is only 2.

Please help us pray for her for a complete recovery and for her to continue tolerating the treatments and procedures as she has been, if not better.

Thank you so much for all the prayers.

Thanks again! I have missed you all so much. I plan to be home in July so I can blog more then, and then back here again in August.

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