Sunday, August 12, 2018

Dinner with German Friends and Family

I finally got over my colds and cough which seemed like forever and I was in the mood to cook and entertain, so I invite my daughter, our German friends and their families to come over for dinner.

 I used my gray, oval Portuguese made CMG dinnerware in "Sari" pattern for the adult table.
 I gathered a few mercury silver stuff I have at home and cut up some flowers from the garden to create the centerpiece.

 I love the oval shape and the subtle design on the plates. When John saw the table, he mentioned that we have never used these plates. Not true, I have used them once, when we entertained an Australian doctor and his wife in Natchez. If you want to see that table, here it is, Australia in Natchez

Crystal pineapple S & P shakers

I served baked salmon, rice and beef stew that I cooked in my new instant pot. I asked my daughter to bring Caesar salad.
 Aren't my supposedly "helpers" just too cute?
 The desserts.... I had no butter to make icing for a cake and I knew I wouldn't have time to go to the grocery, so I decided to try to make a chiffon flan cake. It turned out really good. Natascha, our German neighbor, brought those yummy individual orange cakes.

Polish pottery for the youngsters
Here are some of our young guests.

 And some more. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the adults. Darn!!
 I used a silver plated tea set for our tea.

Thanks again for stopping by. Here are a few memes I am linking with. Thank you for the parties!

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