Monday, April 23, 2018

Baby Daughter's 37th Birthday Luncheon, 4-22-2018

I can't believe my baby is 37 years old! Geez! Where has the time gone? Anyway, she was hosting a baby shower at 2 PM so I decided to have an early luncheon to celebrate her birthday with her family and our close German family friends, Todd, Stephanie and Isabel.
I got so busy that I forgot to take pictures, but trust me, we had a lot of fun eating and conversing over the table.
 This was how the table looked before the food and the flowers on the vase were placed.
I opted to use Polish pottery because the dishes are the easiest for me to access, since they are one of my everyday dishes and they are easily accessible. I am not used to hosting luncheons which do not give me enough time to prepare, compared to dinners when I would have pretty much all day.


 Because I cooked all morning, I did not have time to go to the store to buy fresh flowers so I just gathered and cut some from our garden and just stuck them in a Polish pottery pitcher.

 I love this PP elephant sauce server. You can light a tea candle underneath too for warm sauces, but today it's just lemon and soy sauce.



 I wanted to create something girly but due to lack of preparation time, I just picked the Polish pottery plates that are in kitchen cabinets.

Filipinos almost always cook pancit for birthday meals. For us, it signifies long life.

I also tried a new recipe for seared ahi tuna which was a hit. It had just the right spices! And we always serve rice, which is not shown here.
I had to prepare tea for my grandkids. They love my sweet fruity English hot tea, this time, they picked lemon lime flavor.
Thanks for stopping by and for your visits. Mostly, I am very thankful to be blessed with a daughter who is a perfect daughter, wife and mom.
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