Friday, August 31, 2012

Saving Crepe Myrtles from Isaac

We were on the perimeter of Hurricane Isaac so we got a lot of strong scary winds and lots of rain especially last Wednesday. Before the storm got here, I went out and cut some crepe myrtles before the winds could blow them down. They actually gave life to our family room in spite of the gloom outside.
I took my pink flower shaped tea set with butterfly finials out. I thought I would amuse myself by beautiful things to neutralize the mood outside. The mark under the teapot says Global Design Rose Connection by Kate Williams.

I love that tray with 2 raised blue birds and pink flowers.

 I used an Old Britain Castles teacup set beause it was the first one I spotted in the kitchen china cabinet.

Except for more rain, the weather is so much better now. I am thankful that the extent of our damage is just having a few broken planters and broken tree limbs that is all over the deck and yard. I still have a lot of cleaning up to do.
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Windows and Geometrically Square

I will call these plates "Windows" because that's what they show and I don't really know the pattern name. I bought them about 3 years ago, won them on Ebay and stored them in the dish room and forgot all about them, so this is the first time I am using them. I was looking for my Spode Copeland Chelsea Bird dishes when I accidentally spotted these. I did find the Spode dishes too and they are in the kitchen cabinet and not in the dish room, lol.
I like how colorful the plates are.
Windows dishes near the wndows, here they are. I also had another theme going here, the square shape. Did you notice that?
 I bought these set of 3 glass vases in one of my local favorite store, Diane's Frame and Gift Shop. Diane has a room in the back of the store where everything is marked down 50% and I always head there first. They were originally $7 each so I got them for $3.50 each. I inserted some sunburst flowers and morning glory in them.
 3 bird cage tealight candle holders complete the centerpiece. They are from Willow House (formerly Southern Living at Home).
I found the bamboo placemats from a church yard sale and paid $1 for them.
Blue Royal Albert rose napkin rings and vintage blue napkins with an eyelet embelishment.

 Polish pottery goblets and some blue dotted wine glasses.

 I moved this potted Crown of Thorns from the garden, which is a good thing cause we are getting hit by Isaac right now (We're at the end tail of it so it's not too bad) and I had to bring everything from the deck and porches in anyway.
 It is so funny that I was with 3 friends when I went to the store when I spotted the vases. I picked them up and my 3 friends all looked at me like "What are you going to do with those?" Of course, an idea was already brewing inside my brain when I saw them. I think they are really cute. I love how the glasses are encased in a handled rustic basket.
In case you have not noticed, yes, they are square.
 "Gemma" flatware from Horchow. I love the squarely column handles.
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Capuccino in a Safari Set in My Newly Designed Room

I just rearranged this part of our family room because of a newly acquired cabinet. If you have not seen the new cabinet, please stroll down one post.
Anyway, it inspired me to have my tea, actually capuccino, there. I think the area is very cozy, especially once it gets colder and I can light the fireplace. It gets somewhat cooler at night now. I just hope the storm or maybe hurricane Isaac does not come harshly. Right now, it is very calm outside. I hope the saying "calm before the storm" does not hold true this time.

I added my favorite books in a chicken wire basket so I can just browse through them while drinking.
 I have had this set butI ever used it. Since, I am alone, I thought I could us it now. It actually includes 6 cups and saucers, the 4 sets are set aside. I have more for you to use if you will come and join me. And yes, I drank both cups of capuccino. They are very small.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Cabinet in Family Room

We bought this cabinet from Red Door in Baton Rouge and then one thing led to another. I just kept moving furniture from one room to the next. This is the family room.

This is how it used to be. That cabinet was moved to my mother's bedroom and I moved the parlor set to the living room.

And now, the fireplace area of the family room looks like this. I finally found something to hide the treadmill, which has always been an eye sore for me. John bought the treadmill and snuck it in the house while I was in Florida for my grandson, Nathan's birth.
 Here is another "Before" picture. I won the parlor set in an estate auction. I love it but it did not fit here in the family room. I think it looks too dainty so I moved it to the living room.

These  bigger chairs that came from the living room I think, are more appropriate here. They can withstand the activities here and they are more to scale with the bulky leather chairs and sofas. This room is heavily used.

 Notice the blue vases on the mantel?

 The light still shines through the bamboo screen at daytime.
 Do you like the cabinet here? I do, better than the other one because it has a rustic look, more informal, which this room is.
 I added the set of 3 copper baskets (moved from the kitchen) on top and added a faux greenery.
 I moved the flow blue dishes here but that might still change.
 I stored the vintage Homer Laughlin blue eggshell dinnerware on  the bottom shelves with a silver plated tea set.
I changed it slightly again. I think this is more cozy.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Luncheon with Friends

A friend of mine, Alice, called one day and wanted to bring her grandchild over. Her daughter adopted a teenage Filipina girl who I have met once and told her that if she is ever in this area again, to come visit us at the house.

I invited them for lunch and I also invited Brenda, another Filipina, to join us, so she can meet them.

Unfortunately, Lydia, the granddaughter, cancelled her trip due to some school sports event, but since I already planned the luncheon, I told Alice to come for lunch anyway, just the 3 of us. I set a 4th plate setting just in case John came home for lunch.

I planned for a beachy theme since The Philippines is an island and we  have a lot of beaches there.

 Capiz shell plate chargers (we have an abundance of capiz in the Philippines), paisley dinner plates, shell salad plates, which we used for dessert since I did not serve any salad, turquoise goblets with blue base.
 I folded the napkins to make them look like a stingray and used beaded coral shaped holders.
Starfish S & P shakers are from my sister a long time ago. She likes to feed on my obsession, lol.

John bought this shell compote from Red Door about 3 years ago and I just filled it with shells.
I borrowed my pelican and lighthouse from the guest bathroom. John bought these a long time ago. He feeds on my obsession too, lol. Then, I added a beach chair tealight candle holder and a mermaid.

And there is my tablescape! I had it set the night before so I was able to take evening pictures even though it is a luncheon.

I cooked pancit (Filipino stir fried noodles with shrimp and veggies), mechado and of course, rice.

For dessert, I baked cassava (yucca) bibingka and Brenda brought her famous yummy leche flan.

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