Friday, August 17, 2012

It's Too Hot But Some Flowers Are Still Thriving

It has been too hot here so I haven't been working in the garden.  I am surprised, there are still some flowers that are still thriving, in spite of the extreme heat. I do water on the deck around the pool though and the sprinklers water the yard. we had a leak on one of the sprinkler valves and our outdoor water bill last month was around $450. Inside was $179. Ouch! Do you also get 2 bills every month? We do!

I will name the ones that I know for sure what they are called and leave the others that I am uncertain of, these fuschia flowers, pretty though, huh? I love the fan shape. It just popped up in the pot where I have my lemon tree planted.

 Not sure what this is called!
 Black Eyed Susan?
 White Lantana
I also have the pink with orange and yellow mix in the front yard but I really did not take pictures of the flowers there.
 One of my favorites, the sampaguita, which is the national flower of the Philippines. It belongs to the jasmine family and is therefore very fragrant.

Crown of Thorns


white crape myrtle.
We also have pink ones in the front yard but they are very high. This white one just popped up here and is only 2 ft tall as of now.


 morning glory
They are so pretty in the morning with their deep blue color.

 I thought this was a forsythia bush at first but I don't think so now. I planted it about 2 years ago and it was only a small plant then, less than a foot tall and just one stalk but look at it now! Does anybody know what it is?
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