Monday, August 27, 2012

Capuccino in a Safari Set in My Newly Designed Room

I just rearranged this part of our family room because of a newly acquired cabinet. If you have not seen the new cabinet, please stroll down one post.
Anyway, it inspired me to have my tea, actually capuccino, there. I think the area is very cozy, especially once it gets colder and I can light the fireplace. It gets somewhat cooler at night now. I just hope the storm or maybe hurricane Isaac does not come harshly. Right now, it is very calm outside. I hope the saying "calm before the storm" does not hold true this time.

I added my favorite books in a chicken wire basket so I can just browse through them while drinking.
 I have had this set butI ever used it. Since, I am alone, I thought I could us it now. It actually includes 6 cups and saucers, the 4 sets are set aside. I have more for you to use if you will come and join me. And yes, I drank both cups of capuccino. They are very small.

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