Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Cabinet in Family Room

We bought this cabinet from Red Door in Baton Rouge and then one thing led to another. I just kept moving furniture from one room to the next. This is the family room.

This is how it used to be. That cabinet was moved to my mother's bedroom and I moved the parlor set to the living room.

And now, the fireplace area of the family room looks like this. I finally found something to hide the treadmill, which has always been an eye sore for me. John bought the treadmill and snuck it in the house while I was in Florida for my grandson, Nathan's birth.
 Here is another "Before" picture. I won the parlor set in an estate auction. I love it but it did not fit here in the family room. I think it looks too dainty so I moved it to the living room.

These  bigger chairs that came from the living room I think, are more appropriate here. They can withstand the activities here and they are more to scale with the bulky leather chairs and sofas. This room is heavily used.

 Notice the blue vases on the mantel?

 The light still shines through the bamboo screen at daytime.
 Do you like the cabinet here? I do, better than the other one because it has a rustic look, more informal, which this room is.
 I added the set of 3 copper baskets (moved from the kitchen) on top and added a faux greenery.
 I moved the flow blue dishes here but that might still change.
 I stored the vintage Homer Laughlin blue eggshell dinnerware on  the bottom shelves with a silver plated tea set.
I changed it slightly again. I think this is more cozy.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I would like to express my gratitude to the hostesses of the parties I am joining today. I hope you get a chance to visit them too and their participants.
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Deanna said...

Hi Christine!
Moving pieces of furniture is something I do from time to time.....makes me feel better having rooms the way I like.

God bless,

Bernadine said...

I love the new china cabinet and where you put it. It does look warm and rustic there. Very nice arrangements. Everything looks great.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love what you found to cover up the treadmill. Your home always looks wonderful. I hope you have someone who helps with the dusting!


Christine, the new china cabinet looks great where you have it now. Everything looks terrific and I know you know, exactly where your things should go, my friend. Great and smart cover up for the treadmill, I hate that stuff where I can see it! I'm finally home, got here an hour ago and I have cloths in the wash..and can you believe I rearranged those two cabinets and even added so much stuff more, lol..they're so deep, I didn't notice there was more space and you know us, FINDING MORE SPACE, hehehehe..

Ricki Treleaven said...

I like your new cabinet. It is fun to move furniture around. I think it helps us appreciate our things more when we see them in a new and different light.

Sarah said...

You've been busy, Christine. I like your new cabinet. Great to have more storage space for dishes!

Cathy and Paul @One Creative Couple said...

You have a beautiful home - very warm and cozy. Thanks for the tour.

Traci said...

It all looks great! I haven't been to Red Door in awhile. Once everything slows down at work I'm going shopping!

Creations By Cindy said...

Looks beautiful! What a sweet home you have. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

WOW Christine what a beautiful piece!! It looks beautiful in your home! I love those copper pieces you have on top of it.

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Christine, you have so many beautiful pieces in your home...the furniture and the accessories! said...

I love your new screen and the switch you did in front of the fireplace.Hope you stay safe in the hurricane.

Judy Biggerstaff said...

It's amazing how just moving furniture around makes the flow of the room go better. You made some wise decisions in moving your pieces around. Good job and thanks for sharing your home.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Christine, you are such a busy lady. The new cabinet is perfect there, and I bet the other one looks great in your mother's room. I also enjoyed seeing your lovely Safari tea set. I'm praying that the hurricane doesn't make it to your neck of the woods. laurie

Honey at 2805 said...

The new cabinet is beautiful, Christine! Love the blue dishes in it! Isn't is amazing how one change can lead to a host of changes! Neat rearranging! Thank you for sharing your project at Potpourri Friday!

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