Monday, January 21, 2013

Formal Living and Dining Room

Last week, I told you that we bought a vacation house in FL and showed you a little bit of the kitchen and family room. Today, I would like to share the formal living and dining rooms. This is the "Before" picture. I only had a half a day to unload all the stuff from 6 luggage and anything I shipped to my daughter's house, wash the dishes and put them away in the kitchen cabinets, so there is still so much more to do when I get back. But the house is livable.
They left us pretty much all of their furniture which were very clean and almost new since it was just a couple who lived there.
The view coming in from the front door.
 The furniture are so much more modern than what we have in MS but I can work with them. It is nice to have a different look.
Below are the "after" pictures.
I added an area rug that I bought from One King's Lane and had it shipped to my daughter's who lives next door with her family. Convenient, huh? I brought the runner from our MS home and placed it near the glass sliding door to catch the water from people coming from the pool. It is washable so it is more practical than decorative. I added the 2 pillows I also brought from home to add color and added the tray with little colored vases to match the rug.
I moved 2 matching side tables that I found in other rooms and moved a pair of lamps that I also found around the house. I added a few accessories on the tables that I had packed in the luggage. I brought anything that would fit in the luggage when we flew including a set of Old Britain Castles christmas and regular dishes and pillows to cushion them. Fortunately, only 1 dessert plate broke.

The side table in the foreground was originally on the side of the sofa and there was only one so I moved it to the loveseat side and as I mentioned earlier, placed the matching ones on either side of the longer sofa. The wall there is wider. I hang a turquoise throw on one arm rest of the loveseat just to spread the color around. I can't wait to do more when I get back. I need pictures on the wall too. There are still lots of open spaces. I would like to add decorating magazines on the bottom shelves of the tables but I was not able to bring any cause they are heavy and our luggage were already almost 50 lbs. each mostly because of the dishes that I brought.
 This is the dining room before I started decorating. They left us that dining set, in fact, it is the only furniture that I added to our offer that I presented to them, because my daughter wants to have it. To our surprise, they left us everything including 2 complete sets of bedroom furniture that looks like modern Italian in addition to all these and 2 sets of leather sofa, an Italian leather sectional in the family room. My daughter was debating if she will still take this dining set because it only has 4 chairs but she really likes the table so she might. For now, it is here so I changed the vignette on the table.
They left the picture on the wall too.
 The picture looks like a French cafe. They only left the big one in the center. I am not sure if I leave it there permanently but now, it is better than nothing and I do not dislike it.
 A view of the living room from the dining room at night. Love the high ceilings!
 The table top is very pretty which is what my daughter likes too. We took a quick trip to HomeGoods and I bought the vase to put the yellow flowers that I brought from our MS home. I pulled the candle holders from the luggage and place them on the table but I have no candles yet. Isn't the glass top of the table pretty?

 I added a set of blue fish S & P shakers brought from the MS home. It is so much fun to just shop from one house to another, lol. It costs nothing.
 This was taken when I was looking at the house showing my daughter, son in law and the sellers. I love this enclosed pool area and I want to put a long dining table in that covered area for future dinner parties.
 This is how close we are to my daughter's house. Tina's house is the one you see on the left. She called us when the neighbor's decided to move in a condo to another city and said "Our neighbor's house is for sale. Buy it!" And John told me to fly there tast Nov. to check it out. We flew back there last week to close. I like the tile roof.
 John saw it for the first time last week and likes it too.
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