Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring is Here! The Bunnies Just Hopped In!

I could not wait for Mitch to take down my Easter bin from the attic so I went up there and took just a few things that I could carry down, enough to create a bunny tablescape. Right now, I am in Florida again (I hope my hubby does not mess the house too much again), for a wedding and of course to see my grand babies, and I uploaded these photos before I left. Oh how I missed all of the babies!

When I do not have too much time in my hands, I create the tablescape on the square table in the breakfast nook. This table used to be in front of the fireplace in the family room where we played Scrabble all the time. Somehow, we stopped doing that.

I used my green Bordallo Pinheiro plates. Actually the green platter that you see in the center is what inspired me to do this table. It has no bunny but has leaves all over. I found it in a store in St. Francisville last Sat. when we toured 4 antebellum houses during their Audubon Pilgrimage. It was 50% off.

Bordallo Pinheiro duck sauce dish

I like the medallions on this silver plated flatware.
I asked John which one he preferred for me to use, the plain green napkins or the polka dotted ones. It is obvious which ones he picked. I have 2 sets of bunny napkin rings, this white ceramics and pewter and I had hubby choose again and the white ones won.

Do you see the bunny name place holders? They are heavy, cast iron, I think and I bought them from Pottery Barn, I think for $5.99 each.

Bunny S & P shakers I bought from Celebration, FL, near Orlando, a long time ago.

The tray under the S & P shakers above actually belong to this majolica gravy boat below.
Tha tablecloth is Butterfly Meadow by Lennox.

I bought this pair of copperish bunnies from TJ Maxx in Monroe, LA after Easter about 2 years ago. I think I only paid >$3 each and they are about 8 inches tall.

Do you see the bunny teapot at the end of the buffet? I just broke it, boohoo! I opened the drawer above it and I did not realize that the bunny ears were in the way and it just came crashing into pieces unto  the brick floor.

Pink and green stemware, I like using that color combo for spring.
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Polish Pottery on Top of Kitchen Cabinets

It's as if I have nothing better to do but I decided to tackle another task. I took down everything from the top of the kitchen cabinet.
And decided to move some of my bigger Polish Pottery up there. And you know the process does not look pretty while it is ongoing.

But it is looking neater and more organized now.

Everything on top of the kitchen cabinets now are Polish pottery except for the 2 white candelabras.  I just thought I would store them up there.

These 2 fluted bowls are probably my favorite Polish pottery pieces. One has a pedestal and the other doesn't, so I just store them together to save space because they are quite large. They are at least 15 inches in diameter each.

A small duck casserole and a smaller decorative one. Hubby likes ducks so I buy them to satisfy him, after all, he is the one footing  the bills ever since I quit working 6 years ago.

Polish pottery clock on top of the door to the laundry room.

It was a lot of climbing, going up and down the step stool and counter top.

Mission Accomplished!

 I grouped the duck tureens and some crockery above the black hutch in the breakfast nook.

There they are! I will show more of my bunny tablescape next week. I will be gone for a few days and I want to get this ready to post for Monday.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

I am in Granny Heaven!

 I am in FL to attend a wedding so I get to be with my grandbaby girls again.

Sorry for my natural haggard look. I left home at 2:30 AM to catch a very early flight and I was ready to go to bed in my jammies when Tina and her family arrive just before midnight and I just had to hold all 3 babies.

This is Reese, will turn 3 months in 2 days.

 The twins, Rea and Halle, who just turned 2 months on the 10th of this month.

 Halle, the baby of the family

Thaks for stopping by.
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

An Exotic Wine and Cheese Party for 2 in the Garden

Ever since I bought this blue parlor set from a Houston trip last year, I told my friend, Debjani, we should have a wine and cheese party here. Debjani's spring break from her MBA course is almost over so we decided to do it last Friday. It was also the perfect day, kinda hot in the low 80's but it was breezy.

 I told Debjani to wear a sari or any other Indian outfit and I would have a surprise for her. She gladly obliged so I took out my surprise, a pair of Indian dolls I bought from HG when I was in FL this past winter. They are suspended on strings so I hang them up on the gingkho tree, leaves of which are just starting to come out.

They seem happy up there.

The breeze was making the dolls and  tablecloth sway.

The azaleas and the peach trees behind them are still blooming

I was hoping they would still be blooming when AJ comes but the flowers are falling off pretty fast

But maybe by then, the confederate jazmines on the arbor might be blooming. There is always something blooming in the garden at different times.

The orange trumpets are also blooming around the gazebo. Do you see them peeking behind the arbor? Orange snap dragons on the ground are doing well.

 Here is a close up of the orange trumpet vines. The purplish pink azaleas on the other side of the secret garden are also blooming. Do you see them through the gazebo window? The perenials on the secret garden terrace are just starting to come up.

I baked some bunny sugar cookies, the kind that are ready to bake from the grocery, and served some grapes too.

 Do you see the pool?

Debjani is lovely in her pretty cobalt blue outfit?

Isn't she?

 Cheese and crackers. We had 2 types of goat cheese, muenster, happy cow with tomatoes and basil and plain ones and brie.

 Kanu wine that I brought out from our wet bar. We have never had it before but it was actually pretty good. I think I bought it from World Market about 3 years ago.

I placed the wine in a pewter wine holder.

 Uh oh! I think we got company. How did they get inside the dome?

The dolls were getting tired from hanging from the tree so I allowed them to sit on the table.

Yep, we have company and they beat us to the cheese.

The pink Italian wine glasses match the azaleas.

I appreciate you all for coming by.
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Thank you so much for hosting, lovely ladies!! 

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