Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Dining Room is Back Into Shape!

Our dining room is back to normal with new refinished floors and a little rearranging of furniture and dishes.

I have a lot of pictures to show you so please bear with me. I wanted to show you the extent of the work that I did, which I think was REALLY a LOT, but you be the judge.

This is our formal living room, though it looks more like a storage in this photo. And this picture was taken after I have put away half of the bins already, which were in the forefront blocking the way.

These were the packages that came in while I was staying in FL for my 3 grandgirls' births. John kept moving them to the back room which is intended for our grandkids when they visit, because they were blocking the entry and would not fit there.

DH knew I would be stressed when I got home seeing all the mess so he hired someone to help me open the packages for 2 days and these were most of the boxes in the garage after they were emptied. I know our garbage men loved us after we dumped all of these, lol. After all, we are giving them job security, right?

Back to the dining room now. From the foyer, let's go clockwise and take a tour. First, comes the oak cabinet. Surprisingly, I was able to fit 5 cabinets in this room, where I can all use to store dishes, plus 2 tiered tea tables.

And here's what I was able to fit in there.

Then I have this French Louis VI (I think, Vanna, please correct me if I am wrong) buffet.

I put a lot of glassware in there.

On top of the buffet are some Sevres shell pieces and my Napoleon demitasse cup set.

In the drawer, I keep my "Siam" brass and mahogany flatware. I don't even bother organizing them cause it is a service for 24 plus lots of extra pieces and they wouldn't fit in there organized.

 I have a plate charger cabinet in the laundry room but I keep here what do not fit in there. I also store some platters here.

Next is a mahogany corner cabinet. On top is a Sevre compote, a Quimper tea set and a cloche holding my lion handled flatware.

 Inside is a Johann Haviland soup tureen and platters and a Noritake Nippon Toki Kashi tea and dessert set. And look what I discovered when I opened the cabinet to take pictures! I have an empty shelf, lol. I can buy more dishes or just move some from the other rooms or from the garage or just store what's on the dining table there.

In the middle of the wall under the mirror is a small French cabinet, I keep salt and pepper shaker sets in the drawers and the top has a Tracy Porter Artesian tea set. The shelf underneath is an Asian celedon tea and snack set.

Next comes my favorite French provincial cabinet. I love it because it can hold so many sets of dishes. if I find another one just like this, I will buy it.

 See what I mean about being able to store a lot in there?

Here's a tea table with more tea sets, a case with a German set of flatware and an old blue and white soup tureen, some silver pieces and other miscellaneous table stuff.

 Here's another favorite of mine, a corner mahogany china cabinet,
 It holds some of my favorite dishes, some Limoges salad plates, pink Homer Laughlin eggshell,  a green antique Bavarian Tirschenreuth set and underneath is a Bavarian china set of Greek key design.
 Now that you have seen all the cabinets, let me show you the floor. The picture on the top mosaic below was the old floor in the family room. This was replaced with new floors as shown in my past post but the floor in the dining room was exactly like this one, although not quite this dusty. They were sanding the dining room floors that is why it was so dusty. I wasn't here when they did it so I wasn't able to take a "Before" photo.

The picture on the bottom mosaic is the dining room floor after it was sanded and restained. This was the original floor, same one that we had to take out from the halls, bathroom and family room and replaced there. I wish we could have saved it because I really like how deep the grooves are but we could not find a match. It was no longer being manufactured.
I hope I did not bore you with this post. Sorry if I did but I just wanted to show you all the work that was done. Now, I have to work and clean the formal living room and the 2 guest rooms and then I am done. Yay!

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