Monday, June 8, 2015

Dinner by the Pool with 2 Daughters and their Families

Now that we moved to Florida, we get to see my children and grandchildren more. This past weekend, my daughter Rochelle had arranged for a small birthday party for her youngest daughter, Myla, at the gym close to here. They live about 2.5 hrs. away but they wanted to be able to celebrate the weekend here.
My other daughter, Tina, who lives next door, and I take turns in cooking for dinner so we do not have to cook everyday. And last Saturday was my turn. Since both daughters and their children (7 all in all) were all here, and they all wanted to go swimming, I just set the table out on the pool deck.
 I used casual melamine plates and acrylic glasses.
I grilled salmon but I wasn't sure if all the kids eat fish so I made some chicken noodle soup also.
The yellow bowls are for the soup of the little boys.

I bought these woven basket plate chargers from World Market. They were on clearance when I bought them, $3 each, if I remember correctly. I bought greenish yellow, teal and orange but I did not use the orange ones on this table.

 I just took out some Polish pottery cups to serve the soup for the adults.
 I used bird nest rings for napkin holders.
 Do you see the coffee table near the window? I set the table for the 4 little grand girls and used step stools for their seats.
The bigger kids started swimming while the little ones were still napping.
 I love these food domes that I bought on line, also from World Market, last year.
I wish I could find more acrylic stems like this. My grandkids are getting fancy. When they ask for milk, water or juice, they want us to put them in "fancy glasses", meaning these, lol. But I only have 2 of these. I have some yellow plastic goblets but somehow they prefer these.


 We also had some mangoes. Yum! Right after we got here, I planted 2 mango trees outside but these mangoes are not from our trees. They have fruits but they are still green.

Here is the table I set for the 4 little girls.

Chairs would be too tall for the coffee table so I used 4 step stools. They were just perfect for their little 2 and 3 year old legs.

Here are all 7 grandchildren, from youngest to oldest.
 I also want to share how well Rea is doing. Look at all that hair! After a year long treatment, she is doing so well and has been in remission for months now. She is finally enjoying being a normal kid again. I want to thank everyone for all the prayers.
We had such a busy but fun weekend. Thank you so much for stopping by and a special thanks to all the hostesses of the following memes.

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