Thursday, May 14, 2020

Budapest, Hungary, Aug. 2015

It's been a while since I blogged about my travels, so do not be surprised if I am blogging about a trip we took in August of 2015. I just realized it is easier for me to find pictures that I want by searching on my blog, but of course they  have to be there first. So, since I am staying home due to the Covid 19 pandemic, I know I have more time to blog. I am therefore, restarting to blog about travels, my intent is to archive my travels and travel photos so I can easily access them. They will not be in order, I hope you don't mind.
 We were so fortunate to be there during their most important and popular holiday, St. Andrew's Day, who is their patron saint. There were people everywhere, just walking around. Vehicles were blocked so we were able to walk around safely. Festivals were everywhere, food, parades, processions, music, entertainments, you name it!
  We took a Viking River Cruise on the Aegir stopping at various countries and Budapest was our last stop. where we checked into the Marriott's Hotel overlooking the Buda Castle across the Danube River, and stayed there for 2 days. The city is breathtaking, I thought I was looking at another Paris.
 John and I traveled with family and friends, particularly my sisters Fe and Tessie and nephew Jonjet and his wife, Lourdes.

Below is St. Andrew's Church where John and I posed.
We walked around leisurely with my sister, Tessie and a friend from Hawaii, Judith.

How I miss the time when John could still walk fast and we did not have to haul an electronic scooter with us, where ever we went. But we are very thankful that we are still able to travel.

 This was a place where a lot of eateries were and we had lunch almost across that big Budapest sign. Of course, we had to take pictures first.

We must be approaching the hotel since I see the Buda Castle.
 I am so in love with their famous exquisite china, Herend. Nope, not buying this time. Our 4 luggage were all already up to the weight limit that I had to leave our toiletries behind.
Beautiful view at night
 Spectacular view to wake up to every morning while having my coffee.

We toured, ate and shopped at the Marketplace, so huge and so crowded!
 The Marketplace is behind us and my sister Fe can't wait to go inside, lol. She is a shopping addict.
 Of course, we had to visit the famous Hero's Square, noted for its iconic statue complex featuring the 7 chieftains of the Magyars and other Hungarian national heroes.

 Good thing we brought our Marriott elite member card and we were able to upgrade our room to a high floor and we had access to the top floor which offered free snacks and an open view of the city. We took advantage of that during their awesome display of fireworks. We were even able to bring my sisters up there.
 Chain Bridge showing the Parliament in the background.

We enjoyed the fireworks at night

I hope you enjoyed a mini tour of Budapest. Thank you for stopping by. Stay safe always!

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