Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunflowers, Bumble Bees, Bunnies and Dragonflies!

Boy! Have I been a blogging machine this week! I think I posted almost everyday. It is funny but I can accomplish more when I am busy. My mom is here with me now so it is more work for me and I have been gardening so my roller skates are kept on. The energizer bunny is constantly at work. For a relaxation, John and I have been watching "Dexter" up to 4 series every night. Can you believe that he bought all 4 seasons? We still have a lot to go.

Can you tell how happy I am to be outdoors? Here's another tablescape that I created during Marty's cloche party. I believe I have shown you a glimpse of it but you get to see the whole thing now. Tablescape Thursdays are weekly memes that are being hosted by Susan at . Thanks, Susan! It gives us dishaholics a chance to play and use our various dishes. I hope you make it a point to visit her and the other participants. It's always fun to see how others set their tables.

You have seen my centerpiece during the cloche party, using my wired cloches, birds and bunnies.

I used green ruffly placemats, yellow dinner plates with embossed flowers on them and sunflower salad plates.

My son and DIL gave me the flatware set one Christmas.

Bought the bumble bee napkin rings from Sur La Table but they only had a few so I bought the metals ones with rhinestones above from a local store when I saw them.

S & P shakers are from Southern Living at Home. The terracota bunny planter is from the other vendor's booth at the antique store where my booth is. I tell ya, I am their best customer.

I found these iron dragonfly tea light candle holders also at one of the other vendor's booth. Soooo cute! That reminds me, I need to go there to check any new things that were brought in. I am having a shopping withdrawal.

Goblets with lemons from TJ Maxx and the painted flowered wine glasses from the other vendors.

I knew I would have a lot of use of these yellow dinner plates that I got from Ebay.

The sunflower salad plates are from TJ Maxx. Hubby showed them to me and I always buy what he shows me cause it already proves his approval:-)

Hope you enjoyed my springy or maybe even summery tablescape. Thanks to y'all who visits and especially those who comments too.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Creek and More Garden Pictures

When AJ was here last week, I invited my friend's son who is the same age as she is, to go swimming with her. But before that, I took them to see the creek that runs behind our house.

There it is! There is just a little bit of water but during rainy season, the water really flows. John and I actually crossed the creek once before and then we walked through the forest to get to the Indian mounds. Now that I imagine how many snakes might be in there, I could never do that again. I am linking with Susan for Outdoor Wed. at and Kim for Wow Us Wednesdays at and Watery Wed at

There is our house on a hill. We went through the back gate to go to the creek. Actually, the creek runs all the way behind our house but it is too wooded in that part of the house that I am afraid to go through there.

This was only last week and the azaleas were not in bloom yet.

Look at them now. They are just starting to bloom although they are already in full bloom in the backyard.

I was watering the hanging planters in the back porch today when I saw this nest. I peeked in and there were 4 bird eggs in it. Do you know what they are?

I went to CVS to buy some batteries and when I came back, I noticed the intense red color of the Japanese maple trees so I started taking pictures. We have 3 of them. There are 2 here. One is smaller. Here's one near the fence.

Do you like my tryke planter? I was going to sell it in my booth but I decided to keep it cause I simply could not let it go.

My secret garden is alive again! Two weeks ago, the white iris bloomed, now it is the pale yellow's turn. Do you see it?

Here is a close up.

Now, do you see where it is?

View from the gazebo.

Buds on the Wisteria

The topiary roses are starting to bloom too.

One thing I like about Mississippi is that I always get surprised by a certain flower blooming cause different kinds bloom at different times.

More azaleas blooming in the background and the red camellias are still blooming too.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the garden again. I am just so excited about it. Spring is definitely my favorite time of the year because of the flowers blooming in the yard.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Little Hall Table and Bavarian Tirschenreuth Demitasse Set

Hi all! I hope you are all having a great week! Today, I decided to show you a little table that I have sitting by the doll cabinet in the back hall, leading to the guest rooms.

I keep a lot of decorating magazines in it.

On top of the table, I have my son and daughter in law's wedding picture, along with 2 Asian figures and an orchid.

Above the table top is a wall shelf that is shaped like a book. On top of it are some small potteries, a pottery box and a little picture with an inscription saying "A mother holds her children's hands for a little while, their hearts forever".......So true! This was given to me by my youngest daughter when she was young. Above the shelf is a shadow box with an

Indonesian doll.

It's a little wall since I have a built in doll cabinet there (which is really a gun cabinet) that I transformed.

Now, let's go to the formal living room and have some tea! I have a black Bavarian Tirschenreuth demitasse set sitting on the side table. It has peach, pale yellow and orange roses on the pieces.

Lastly, I would like to share our neighbor's home (the one across from us) with you. I just want to show you her lovely flowers, azaleas, in front of her house. Aren't they gorgeous?

Here is a close up.

I am linking with Marty for Tabletop Tues at

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Thanks to you all so much for coming over and thanks to our gracious Tuesday hostesses for throwing all these fun events.

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