Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring is Here, at Least Where We Live!

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This is the view right now from my desk in the home office. The pansies made it through the winter and the peach trees are now blooming. The oak trees have lost all their leaves. It's been raining on and off.
This green umbrella is what I picked from CNS when I won the giveaway of Gloria of http://thelittleredhousewiththewhiteporch.blogspot.com/ Thanks Gloria, it's perfect! Daffodils are blooming.

The forsythias are also blooming.
I bought some tulips and hyacinths from Walmart. They were only a $1 each and planted them under the oak tree. They will probably die soon but maybe they'll come back and spread next year.
Our Carolina jessamines are blooming in abundance.

The jasmines made it through winter also. You can see the peach trees and 2 small Japanese magnolia trees also blooming behind the arbor.

I was driving out of the driveway this morning when I saw this white thing. I thought it was a tissue that flew into the yard. I went down to pick it up and then realized it is a white iris, our first iris bloom.

I am just so happy that the yard is starting to get colorful and alive again. Hope you enjoyed the photos. Thanks for stopping by and thanks to Susan and Glenda for hosting. I hope you get to visit them also.
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