Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Mermaid Themed Tablescape.

It's Thursday again, my favorite blogging day. Why? That's because I get to play with my dishes and table. Thanks to Susan for hosting. You should make it a point to visit her at and her participants and see the many creative tables circulating in Blogland today.
For Marty's spring cloche party, I showed you the mermaid cloche that I created for my granddaughter who is now visiting. You got a glimpse of the tablescape and I promised I would show the whole thing today so, without further ado, here it is!

The plates are from TJ Maxx. When I saw them, I thought the colors will be perfect to use by the poolside because they will match the color of the water.

I grew that pineapple plant, that is sitting on the plant pedestal, by just cutting the top of a pineapple fruit and laying it on the soil. Amazing how much it has grown since!

The camellia buds have now all opened since I took this picture and they are beautiful. Now, the azaleas are budding. Aaaahhh! I just love spring!

My sister gave me the 2 fish trays along with 2 different sizes of matching shell trays (not on the table). Thanks atsi, I love them!
Rather than wrapping the napkins with a napkin ring, I just laid the shell napkin rings on top of a shell plate on the napkin.

A view of the raised vegetable and herb garden. The rosemary is still blooming.

I am even showing you the bad view, lol. We should really take down that hose reel because the hose that we use is in the brown box below. Have you ever seen those hose boxes? They are so neat. After watering the plants, just flip a lever and the box will reel the hose in automatically by itself. It's really a big help when you have a 150 ft. long hose. We have 3 of them around the yard.

My flatware matches my frame. Love the bubble look!
A mermaid tea light candle holder and starfish S & P shakers are also shown below.
Do you see how much higher we are situated than the neighbors' houses?

Thanks Susan, for letting us play on our tables again.
And thanks everyone for coming by for a visit!

24 comments: said...

Perfect mermaid tablescape. I bet A.J. adored it.That blue color in the dishes is a perfect match for your pool!

Lynn said...

I can't believe how happy your rosemary looks, my poor plants have suffered so much this winter! You sure are right Christine, the plates are beautiful with the water! What a fun setting-enjoy:@)

Anonymous said...

This is go gorgeous Christine. These colors are fabulous and I love the setting with the pool and sunshine!

lvroftiques said...

Oh Christine I so wish I could join you at that lovely table! It looks so refreshing and summery!! Love the mermaids! Vanna

Kathleen said...

Another beautiful set of dishes. The colors are fabulous! They made a great mermaid table! I love those napkins too!

Phyllis said...

Your new dishes really do look just like the water in your pool. I saw these at JT's and loved them immediately. They were made for you and your mermaid!! This is just so lovely and perfect for your home!

Diann said...

This is such a cute table Christine! I love everything about it!!

Natasha in Oz said...

This tablescape is gorgeous. It looks like the weather was beautiful too. It looks like Spring has sprung at your place.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the week and Happy St Patrick's day!

Best wishes,

Donnie said...

That is just beautiful and the colors of your dishes match the color of the water in the pool. Lovely.

Entertaining Women said...

I love the different shades of azure in your tablescape. The fish plates, the shell plates, and your new dishes are perfect for your poolside celebration. Your granddaughter surely felt like a princess. Thank you for sharing your wonderful design and for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay

Amy said...

This is stunnung and beautiful! What a wonderful colloction you have there. :) Oh yes, the color matches with the pool's perfectly.

By the way, there's a virtual bake sale going on to help those victims in the Japan earthquake. Please visit my blog for more details. You can participate in the bake sale to help, or simple help spread the words. Either way, I truly appreciate it.


Unknown said...

Beautiful colors, great tablescape!

Anonymous said...

Oh!..this is beautiful, you have a lovely home and that pool is inviting, I'm jealous. Wish I was taking a swim.
Your tablescape is once again just soooo incredible.
I love the blue waters and the blue dishes.

vignette design said...

Your home and back yard are just lovely. What a fabulous mermaid inspired table! The colors pick up the colors in the pool!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Christine! I love your tablescape. It's such fun, and I know your little precious one loved it, too! I want to be there at your table. I love mermaids!!!

I have really missed you, my friend, and I hope to be back blogging more regularly soon. I couldn't resist posting for St. Patrick's Day and am trying to visit despite server difficulties. We've had workmen in two different places, and I hope we are moving to a place where they are getting close to finishing. But with painters... you never know! LOL!

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Tablescape Thursday to you...


Sheila :-)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

P.S. The color of those dishes is just DIVINE! I adore them!

Chubby Chieque said...

It looks warm in your place, te Xine...

I love your surroundings. It's enchanting. Love all you pieces, as ever.

Blessings from Stockholm,

Alycia Nichols said...

I am just having a conniption fit over the fact that you are enjoying such wonderful weather and beautiful, sunshiny views already!!! Your azaleas are already in full bloom???!?!!! I went out to look at mine, and they just rolled over, pulled the cover over their heads and pushed the snooze button! I'm sure I won't see any activity there for another month or two! :-( I love my hometown, but winter BLOWS!!! :-) It is amazing how those dishes are the perfect match to the pool water! Gorgeous!!! And the fish platters your sister bought for you are FANTASTIC!!!!!!! What a beautiful table! As for the pineapple you grew just by putting the cutting on the dirt....I just don't even know what to say! Green thumb, woman! Green thumb! Have a great St. Patrick's Day and a wonderful weekend! Oh...and thank you very much for stopping by my place. were up late!!!

Marlis said...

It absolutely looks like you took a paintbrush and then dipped it into the pool and painted the dishes. they are absolutely perfect for outside. I love their shape and the pattern inside. So very "poolside". I love your flatware too! Man that is one cool set. Your ability to grow all those lovely flowers and the pineapple simply amazes me. Lovely fish platters, luck you to have a sister with such great taste. Love your bird cloche and the napkins. They are fabulous. A great table which makes me wish it were that warm here already!

a quiet life said...

fun table, i have been admiring those dishes, they look great in the sunshine~

A Perfect Setting said...

Hopefully tomorrow we will experience some of that warm weather. Wow, I do love your backyard, it is just gorgeous. The plates you purchased at TJ Maxx are perfect, and they even look good on your outdoor table. I would just love to pull up a chair! oh yea, and your napkins are adorable. Beautiful!!!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Christine ... your clever tablescape is very beautiful! I never would have thought of a mermaid theme. Thanks so much for all of your hard work.

Take care,


Katherines Corner said...

Oh so gorgeous. I love the colors.Your blog is lovely, I'm so happy I found you, I really enjoyed my visit. I'm following you now! Wishing you happiness, Katherine

Sarah said...

Christine, this is a beautiful set of dishes. It looks cool and refreshing ~ perfect for pool side dining. ~ Sarah

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