Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just an Everyday Simple Dinner

We had a storm last night and the deck was full of some kind of squiggly things that came from the oak trees. I swept the deck and I just got done. A new doctor wants to take us out to dinner tonight and I have to get ready, therefore, I do not have time to create a tablescape.
But I have this old tablescape photos in my hard drive that I never posted so I will just post it. My stepdaughter Heather and her hubby came by for a visit from Florida last year (2010) in November and this was just one of our regular dinners, nothing fancy. You probably know how it gets hectic sometimes when we have company so no real preparation here.

There's Heather! Isn't she pretty?

I made "escabeche" which is just a fried whole red snapper with sweet and sour sauce and veggies.

Heather loves fried green tomatoes so I made some too. And of course we always have to have rice.

I just used one of our everyday dishes.
and everyday placemats. I like using these everyday for the round table because of the shape.
You see, I did not even put extra flatware and the drinks came later. Just like I said, nothing fancy here. I hope Susan does not kick me out of this meme, lol.
Thanks for hosting Susan, and thank y'all for coming!
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