Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Don't Go To The Gym, I Garden!

I am so excited about the flowers coming out in the garden that I wanted to bring spring inside the house too. I created a springy little vignette on the breakfast table in the kitchen. But I decided to move the urn with lavender to the front porch and replaced it with this orchid.
I filled a little glass dish with chopsticks rest and some painted shells that I bought from Kathy's Etsy shop. I am so sorry but I cannot remember the website address.

John bought the stained window candle holder from one of the vendors in the store for $5+.

After decorating inside, I started sprucing up the front porch and had tea there.
The finials on the tea set are blue.

I love my new tea cups and saucers. They tell my story, lol. I don't go to the gym, I garden.

The teacup says, "Life is made better by family and friends."

See where the urn with lavender went?

I bought this pillow for $6 at Walmart last year. I wish I'd bought more. I went back but they were all gone.

This part, I have not changed. It's been like this since spring of last year.

I hang some painted tiles on the wall

How do you like my grasshopper? Isn't he cute?

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I hope you enjoyed my little spring makeover. Thank you so much to our hostesses and thanks to you all for stopping by!
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