Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wedding Chairs from The Qing Dynasty

Let's go to China! J/K! LOL! Actually I'll just show you what we bought for Sightseeing, Events and Shopping Sat. My daughter was here this week and I didn't have time to search for travel pictures.

But I hope you enjoy our purchase.

Last Saturday, John and I went to the store to add more items to my booth. Then, we thought we should stop by the antique shop that belongs to one of his patients to say goodbye because we know he is moving to New Orleans. The store is in the same street as my shop. Sad to say, his business partner was found dead in the store a few weeks ago. When we got there, they were already packing. We walked around to see if there was anything we could not do without. He has a lot of very old Asian antiques that are very expensive so I did not think we would buy anything. But John spotted these 2 wedding chairs. He thought they were bar stools.
The store owner said they are from the Qing Dynasty and they were used during a wedding ceremony, for the bride and groom to sit on. He said if we like them, he would give them to us for $500. They were in good shape and we thought that was a fair price so we bought them. It would save them from having to move them too.

It's funny cause we don't have any more room at home and we certainly do not need any more furniture but I can always manage to find a place for something I like. I placed them in front of the window of the wet bar in the family room. After all, hubby thought they were bar stools, lol.

I love the details of the wood carvings. I am not sure what type of wood it is, could be teak or
maybe rose wood.

I love the patina.

Isn't the patina just wonderful?

Call me crazy but I actually like the fact that the seats are faded.

I tried placing an Asian pillow on them but I think I like them better plain and without a pillow.

Do you see them? They are in front of the wet bar window. Hopefully your eyes would be drawn to them instead of the treadmill, lol!

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