Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Sweet Daughter's Visit and Mardi Gras

Good news is that I had a wonderful few days. Bad news is that I am now sad cause cause my daughter already left.
But, we really had so much fun together in spite of the reason that brought her here, an outpatient surgery. You see, she wants to give us more grandchildren but after she had her first one 12 years ago, she was unable to. She consulted a specialist and found out she had a polyp just where the baby is supposed to be conceived and it needed to be taken out. I convinced her to have it done here because my good friend's hubby is an excellent gynecologist. And just as a good daughter would do, she took my advice.
I picked her up from the airport and then went to the clinic to pick up her pre op orders. Most of the afternoon was consumed by having all the tests done and over with. The doc. put her on a clear liquid diet the day before surgery so we took her out to eat at Breaud's that night and boy, did we eat! LOL! She really enjoyed the food. She ordered red fish topped with crawfish etouffee. The restaurant is one of our favorites in town.
The next day, I put her on our massager to relax while we watched a DVD.

Then, I took her to the store and told her she can have anything she wants for free. I cannot believe that all she took were 2 necklaces. Oh, she also reserved a toy chest and told me they will drive next visit so they can pick it up, so I tore off the price tag and the chest will be waiting for her when they come back this summer.

We ate lunch at a coffee shop but she could only have soup. But she was able to have a chocolate mousse for dessert too.
Her creamed squash soup was very good and my corn and crawfish chowder was excellent too.

Then, I took her shopping downtown. In between activities, we lounged and had tea and just relaxed by the pool.

The day of surgery came and they led us to a room. John asked (jokingly, of course) if they had enough beds for all 3 of us. She had to be at the hospital at 5:30 AM so we woke up so early and we were still very sleepy. The hospital employee answered, "Absolutely" and sure enough, the room had 3 beds, lol.

And no, we did not use all the beds, only Rochelle did!

Modeling her hospital gown.

She's ready and just waiting for OR crew to get her.

Believe me, this was about 2 hours after surgery. I was so happy that she did so well. Rochelle got up from resting and said she was hungry so we went out to eat. John met us there and 2 friends, Debjani and Keka, came to see us to meet her.

This was a day after surgery. We went to my friend's mardi gras luncheon party. The food was so yummy! We even had a little karaoke session after eating. It was fun.

The happy Mardi Gras group.

I am glad my daughter got to meet most of my friends. Actually, I think she met all of them as I do not have a lot of friends, lol.

After we had enough singing, we went to the place where they used to trade slaves here. I told them about the chains that were used and still exist. I always get sad when I go to this place.

It so happened that they were having a Mardi Gras parade so we parked to witness it and joined the fun catching beads Don't I look like an Indian here? Lol! I was cold so I just grabbed a snuggie from the car.
We had so much fun collecting beads and we did not even have to do any exposing, (gross!), lol. I think we must have been at the end of the line cause people were throwing bunches of beads at us, some of them still in plastic bags, must be all the leftovers.
Rochelle upgraded her flight to first class so she was able to bring
another luggage to fit all the beads for AJ. They were throwing stuffed toys, mardi gras cups and candies too. I kept a few cups myself for future tablescaping, but I gave all my beads for Rochelle to give to AJ. She will definitely be in bead heaven when she sees them, lol.
Rochelle is posing here with my friend, Brenda. She is the very first Filipina whom I met here. There are only 6 of us in the whole town, I think.

This was the morning before we took her back to the airport yesterday. I miss her so much already. Come back soon, Rochelle!

I think she had fun, left me these comments on Facebook.

"Thx 4 everything, Mom! I'm so sad leaving! I enjoyed all of it - even the hospital was pleasant! LOL, Pls thank Dr. & Mrs. K a million x 4 me. Love u & c u soon!
I cried at the airport 'cause I didn't want to leave you..and I'm so old! LOL Yes, we crammed a lot into a few days. My only regret was my Wednesday dietary restrictions. We should've been able to eat better like the other days. hehe BTW, we had some of the crawfish and everyone loved them! Becky & Jed said they're staying here all day so we can eat them again for dinner! We grilled steaks, too."
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Thanks a lot for stopping by and I thank our hostesses for these fun memes! If you have time, I would like to request for you to help me pray so that Rochelle can have a healthy baby soon. Thank you!
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