Monday, March 14, 2011

Predominantly Green!

Let's have some Irish fun and join Kathleen's St. Patrick's Day party at

I am also linking with Marty for Tabletop Tuesday at

I am excited to attend Kathleen's St. Patrick's party. But I had to improvise because I do not have anything St. Patricky, except for some napkins. Kathleen said I can use anything green. She said I can even have John just pose in his green scrubs, lol. But I'll try to do something better. I hope you like what I came out with.

I took down my green Bordallo Pinheiro plates that were stored all the way up in the highest kitchen cabinet to use.

I googled for St. Patrick images, printed a few, cut them up and used them as part of my centerpiece. I used my dragonfly name plate holders to hold them upright. I like that hat!

I sent all the beads that I got from the Mardi Gras parade with my daughter to give to my granddaughter AJ, but I found a green one in the garage and I added it to dress the table.

I took my Kosta Boda green and blue glass tulip, that I brought home from Sweden a few years ago, and added it to my centerpiece.

The flowers are what is left of the bouquet I placed in the guest room when my daughter visited.

Pinzon "Parsley" plate chargers were from Ebay.

Bordallo Pinheiro bunny luncheon plates were bought from Home Goods in Clearwater, FL.
Bordallo Pinheiro Bunny salad plates. My stepdaughter bought them from Home Goods in southern FL and shipped them to me.

I've had these plates for more than a year now and I finally got to use them.

I am not sure she is Irish but I want her to hold my clover napkins cause she has green in her outfit.

Same with her!

Silver plated flatware, I can't remember the pattern but I have it written somewhere but I am too lazy to check:-(

Thanks to Kathleen for hosting this special St. Patrick's event. And thanks to Marty also for hosting Tabletop Tuesday and I thank each and everyone of you for visiting. Be sure you go to their sites and check them out too.
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