Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pink Azaleas, 2012

Happy weekend y'all!

I think it is early but who wouldn't be confused with this kind of weather? One day it is 74 degrees, the following night, it is 36. Even the flowers are confused. Having said that, our azaleas are in full bloom.
I am not complaining, I am enjoying the pretty flowers.

In case you wonder what that round thing is, it is a wet deck we had built for the grandkids to enjoy when they are here. Water shoots up from the ground in different heights when it is on.

The flowers perk me up every morning cause this is the first thing I see when I get up. In a day or 2, the peach blossoms behind the azaleas will be visible too. They are starting to open up. This past winter was so mild that John just left the citrus outside and they still have fruits on them.

The secret garden needs a lot of work but the weeds got too long making me afraid to go down there because of my phobia with snakes. But I have a guy coming on Sunday to help me clean it up.

I love my blue squirrel against the pink flowers!

More kumquats. I use them to season fish.

Can't wait to dive into the pool. AJ will be spending her spring break here the first week of April and if the water is not warm enough by then, we will definitely turn the pool heater on, so won't be long now.

Not sure what kind of citrus the one below is but there is one fruit at the lower part of the tree(definitely not a kumquat cause it is a lot bigger)  and lots of blooms. They smell so good.

I just added these last 2 pictures now. See the peach trees blooming behind the azalea bushes?

I am so happy that the garden has come to life again. 
Thank you so much for stopping by.
And thanks to these lovely ladies for hosting these fabulous parties.

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