Sunday, August 12, 2012

Switching Between Living and Family Rooms

On Saturday morning, we went to Baton Rouge to pick up my vehicle. I have to mention that I had it towed there, which is 82 miles from here, last Wednesday, where the nearest dealer is, because it would not start. It was nothing major, just the battery that had to be replaced and since the vehicle was already there, I told them to go ahead and do a wheel alignment and flush and replace the brake fluid.

Since we were already there, we went shopping at Target. We have no Target in the city where we live. It was still early when we got done and John asked if I wanted to go to Red Door, which is a home decor and accessories shop. But, of course! And so we did and while we were there, I showed John this cabinet. I told him for us to wait when they put it on sale but he said if they agree to pay for delivery, we can buy it. I talked to the store manager and she gave us a 15% discount but we had to pay for delivery, which came out less than the 15%, so we bought it. But uh-oh, our house is already full of furniture, though I could use more dish storage, but where will I put this?
 We both agreed to put it in the family room. I thought it fits the style but we already have a cabinet there. See below. I have been wanting to keep the rustic look of the FR because it is more relaxing and we use this room a lot and the existing cabinet, I thought was too formal.
So, I thought I would rearrange the cabinets in the dining room and move this to one wall there.
I kept measuring last night and unfortunately, this cabinet would not fit the wall where I wanted to put it. So now, we are thinking of selling it at my booth.
 That cabinet led to my moving a lot of furniture around, lol. Am I the only one who is like that around here?
I thought this antique parlor set was too formal for here too. Besides, compared to the leather sofas and recliners, I always thought the scale is too small. So, I decided to move them to the living room.

See that cabinet in the far left of the family room? That is where the new one is going. It's slightly shorter and smaller than that.

  Here is the parlor set in the living room now.
This was the "Before"look of the living room.
 And here it is "Now" look with the parlor set on the right wall.
 I have a pair of these French pedestal tables. They were in the corners of the walls separating the LR from the foyer. I had to move them because I had to move some tables that used to be where the parlor set is now. Now the pedestals are in front of the windows.
 Here is the other one in front of the other window.
 The sofa across the parlor set seems to be permanently placed there. Do you see the orchid painting above it? Hard to believe that I painted that 5 years ago and it is still hanging. Usually, I get sick of seeing the same one, lol. I moved this little table from the FR also.

And this is the LR mantel. I have had that lidded solid jade urn  in the center since the kids were young.

I moved this lamp in the corner.

 My vignette on the coffee table.
 We have a lot of Sevres collection here, urns, egg compotes, bowl, etc. You will see them all around, all celeste blue in color.
 This French cabinet was in the wall where the parlor set is now. I had to move it to another wall. My sister gave me that antique clock.

I moved these 2 chairs from the living room and they are now by the fireplace in the family room.

Tomorrow, I will work on the dining room. It is a never ending work around here. I am always organizing. Good thing I enoy it a lot.

What do you think of what I did? I hope you like the changes but I know they will change again someday. For now, I am keeping them this way, for how long, I really can't tell. I am having mixed feelings about getting rid of the old cabinet in the family room cause I really like it too. I wish I could move it somewhere but one home can only have so much walls, lol.

Thank you for reading about my craziness.

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