Monday, April 30, 2012

Australia in Natchez

I had just arrived from Florida for my grandbabies christening. Please scroll down one post below if you have not seen my grand triplets. Anyway, I was still unpacking when hubby called and told me he invited an Australian surgeon and his wife for dinner on Friday night. But wait a minute, I have a girls night out already planned for that night since a month ago so I asked him to change it for the next day, Saturday. And so it was set for Sat.
For sometime now,  John has been telling me about inviting them. I kept postponing it cause I have been too busy, plus the floors had to be done first. Well, I have no more excuse now since the floors are done, although I am still busy. We have house guests and trips scheduled starting next week. Anyway, since he mentioned his intention to invite the Australian doctor, I have been searching for Australian stuff on Ebay. I found this table topper.

 More Australian touches: kangaroo S & P shakers and a pair of koala bear figurines, all from Ebay.
 The plates are from Horchow, one of my latest acquisitions. I love the oval shape and the grayish color and the subtle print. The pattern is called "Sari" and they are made in Portugal. I thought I could use them formally. The problem is I could not find any serving pieces to match the set so I used silver and pewter serving pieces. And here, I thought I already had everything when it comes to tableware, lol.
 Look at the details of the pattern! I love the scalloped edging of the bowl too, which I intend to use for the salad. The salad plate, I will use for appetizers.

 I used oval wooden chargers from Horchow which I have had for years now.
 The behind of the kangaroos.
 I think this little S & P shaker set is so cute.
 It was a little bare behind the flowers so I added a pair of taper candles on short sterling silver holders. For a vase, I used a lion headed champagne bowl. I had another glass bowl inside it to hold the flowers together. I don't know but I am thinking of cutting the stems more and lowering the flowers a bit.
 At first, I used a pair of creamy white candelabras. But I replaced them with this tealight holders. Though they are very rustic, I think the color blends well with the dishes and wooden chargers and it gives the table a more relaxed look. I want the guests to feel relaxed.

 I am serving fish on the Selancor pewter tray, coconut chicken appetizers on the silver bowl and chili sauce on the little jam server.

 The flowers are from Walmart.
See the defocused pewter bowl on the right? I am serving roasted rosemary potatoes in it.

 A table set for 4. I moved the other 2 chairs by the window.
 I still have not decided what to serve for dessert. I have a key lime pie or I can make a flan. Which do you think is better for my menu? I am serving rice in that Princess House Pavillion cream bowl.
 I am serving pancit (Filipino noodles) here. I found this silver warmer from an antique store downtown about 4 years ago. I just love the details of the legs and on the handles.
 Silver Wallace Baroque flatware.
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Addendum: Dinner was a success and here are our lovely guests.
A special thanks to all the hostesses. I appreciate you all doing this week after week.
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