Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Play of Colors in the Yard

We just got back from Florida the other day so I missed my garden. Yesterday, I took pictures of the flowers that are blooming. The gazebo has orange trumpets climbing up and snap dragons on the ground near the bridge.

The pink azaleas are almost gone.

I have some orange trumpets climbing up the brick in the front right outside the window of the laundry room.

The honeysuckles are really blooming. They smell so good. These are by the veggie garden. I like how these flowers have 3 different colors, pink, white and yellow.
The roses are blooming in the backyard.

Is this a variety of geraniums?

These honeysuckle plants are growing wildly along the fence at the bottom of the secret garden, We can smell the blooms from up on the deck.

Aj is vacationing for her spring break this week. We brought her from Florida. Although the water is warming up, we still turned the water heater on because we like the water to be around 84 degrees. We swam for the first time this year yesterday.

I saw this frog camouflaged while clinging on the trunk of the orange tree. Do you see that little black thing on her head?

Aha! It's a bug!

The kumquats survived through the past mild winter.

The roses in the front yard are also blooming.

and so are the snap dragons around the mailbox.

One last thing, the birds nested on one of the hanging planters on the back porch. They do this every single year. I took this picture before leaving for FL.

Today, I took more pictures and look! The birds have hatched. How many do you think there are?

 I say at least 4, maybe? Do you see the big eyes of the one in front?

The knock out roses by the front gate are also blooming.

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