Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Babies Update

The babies are growing fast so I thought I would show them again. These were taken last October so they are even bigger now again. Rea, the twin in a helmet is walking. She is so cute, so little and walking, started at 10 months.

We had 3 granddaughters born 15 days apart including the set of twins apart but the twins outgrew Reese who was born first

Halle is so sweet. Here she is petting their dog Coco, who is really enjoying it.
They are good eaters.
They love to read their books.
They love their big sis, AJ. When I am holding them and AJ passes by, they reach out for her and then they start crying until she gets them.
This is Reese. I think she will be more lady like than the twins.

They say she looks like me. She definitely has my Filipino nose.
I got to enjoy watching Brendan on his soccer game. The last game of the season, he scored 2 goals and we were all so proud and happy!
The 2 brothers just clowning around at Michael's.
This is Wren. He turned 1 last October. Such a big boy, he started walking at 10 months too. Wren is Heather's only baby and Heather is John's younger daughter.
AJ and Kerri's 3 kids helped celebrate Wren's birthday party. Kerri is John's older daughter.
This is the lastest photo of AJ and the twins taken for their Christmas card.

And here are Tina and Scott's babies.

I miss the grandkids already. It's time to plan for another visit to Florida.
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