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Garden Tea For Two

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I have this Trumpet Vine that I planted last year near the brick wall just outside the laundry room. It's really blooming like crazy now. I planted star jasmines around the gazebo last year but they froze in the winter. It's strange because the other kind of jasmines that I planted on both sides of the arbor are fine. So, I have been searching for more trumpet vines to replace them because they thrived through the winter time and stayed green. Such a pleasure to see the pretty flowers that I enjoy folding the laundry there now. And now let's have tea and Cassava Bibingka (a Filipino dessert baked with coconut and condensed milk on top) by the veggie garden! I divided the batter in 2 containers and John and I finished the smaller one. I told him not to touch this particular one until after I have taken a picture.

Then I saw that a whole chunk of it was gone before I could even bring it out for the shot. LOL! He said he thought I already took a picture.

I love this shot showing the blooming azaleas and camelias in my secret garden down below. I am still doing a lot of planting there but I am getting close to showing it to you. The baking dish and the dessert plates are Polish pottery.
I am again using a Polish Pottery tea set. I already have 5 different Polish pottery tea sets but I love all the designs and I keep buying everytime I see one that I do not have yet.

I love how the sun is shining on the table.

I just created this little garden with an iron trellis to cover the air conditioning unit. I hang a wrought iron "GARDEN" sign on it. I bought it from Big Lots for $6. I am looking for a big painted outdoor sign (around 14 x 36 or more) saying "My Secret Garden" or "Christine's Secret Garden" on tin, to hang on the retaining wall where the garden is. Please let me know if you have any idea where I can find one.
I love these teapot napkin rings I bought from Pier One a long time ago.

See that big bush at the bottom right? I trimmed it yesterday so it looks neater now and you can actually see the iron garden bench I have behind it.

I planted a honeysuckle by the trellis. I am hoping it will conceal the air con. unit when it grows. The trellis by the brick wall has a grape vine growing on it. I am so glad to see it come back after the winter freeze.

The vines on the Fleur de lis trellises are Carolina jessamine (small) and blackberry vine (taller)

For a centerpiece, I have a Polish pottery pot with an orchid, 2 orange lantern tea light holders and a bird taper candle holder I just bought from Big Lots. I brought back the weaved runner from Roatan Island in Honduras from our last cruise. I am taking you there for this week's Sightseeing Saturday.

It is such a pleasure having you over. Thanks for joining me!

I hope you enjoy the garden as much as I do cause it makes all my hard work worth it.

Thanks to our 6 gracious hostesses for all these great events!


Debbie said...

I sure wish we where closer Christine, because I would be there in a NY minute!~ It looks so pretty...really love the yellow lanterns on the table:) I have my first giveaway if you are interested:)

Rosie@Journey to Charm said...

Oh, its all so pretty. I love the yellow lanterns. Your azaleas are beautiful. I love looking at all your plants and gardens.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

What a beautiful setting for a tea! Everything is just so pretty! I just bought some of those tea pot napkin rings on Ebay!


kim said...

Christine, that sure is a lovely outdoor setting. I love the trumpet vine and the teapot napkin rings are adorable.

Ebie said...

Woohoo, Christine! I love your outdoors! Gorgeous!

Pssst, Pinoy din ako, ay, Chinoy pala, 50/50 Chinese. Glad to have met you!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Christine, your garden table looks so pretty surrounded by all those pretty flowers and shrubs. Wish I could taste your dessert!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Christine, this looks so pretty. Love those little lanterns, and your Polish pottery is just beautiful and perfect for an outdoor setting. That bird candle holder is soooo cute! Wow! Your Trumpet Vine is gorgeous! laurie

Paula said...

WOW it is heavenly to see the sunshine! Thanks for sharing, Paula in Idaho

sewingseeds4U said...

What a gorgeous setting for a tea or anytime. That trumpet vine is spectacular and all those trees. It would be hard to ever go back inside.

Erin said...

Everything looks gorgeous. That trumpet vine is stunning and your tea arrangement is to die for!

M.Kate said...

What fantastic sights, it's absolutely beautiful :)

Darla said...

What a charming area you have created!

Debra said...

It all looks so very lovely Christine! Super nice jobe!

Shelia said...

Oh, Christine! This is so truly beautiful! Your table in the setting looks all magical. Love your table and chairs and how you've set the table with the runner and your pretty pottery. Every time I pieces of the Polish pottery, I think of you. Again, what a perfect setting. Can't wait to see it again when your vines are growing like mad. I love the trumpet vine. When we lived in New Mexico I had one and it grew like crazy and the blooms are so pretty.
be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Oh my goodness! What a gracious hostess you are...but the stunning setting ... amazing

Thank you so much for joining with us on Finding Beauty... its so fun to see others view points.

I can almost hear the birds singing. What beauty!


Dragonfly Treasure said...

What a beautiful yard you have! Love your Trumpet vine, hummingbirds love it here.

vignette design said...

Absolutely gorgeous Christine! That trumpet vine really took off! And your al fresco table setting looks so inviting. You have such a lovely yard!

Just Breathe said...

Okay I am inviting myself over for tea in your yard. What a beautiful setting and you know I love the Polish Pottery!

noel said...


everything looks gorgeous this friday and your table setting looks great, what type of tea are you serving us this morning and i do love some desserts too!.... thanks for sharing

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a beautiful table and I love your side tray! Your yard is gorgeous ~ I could just sit there and enjoy that landscaping!

Lavender Cottage said...

So nice to see green and colour as we're just starting to unfurl here.
Loved the tea set and table, very pleasnat to have it outside.

Kathleen said...

How pretty! Guess you will have to hide the dessert from John!! LOL!

Tootsie said...

it all works together to create a fantastic view! the vines are very trumpet vine is a different plant all together...funny how some things with the same name are so very different indeed!
thanks for linking in...have a great weekend

Beth said...

Your tea, your patio, your flowers, and your dessert - they all look so pretty!
I would love to have that recipe - obviously John thinks it's very good! lol And I think it looks good too.
Blessings, Beth

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Christine...

OMG...Girlfriend, this is absolutely stunning!!! I can't even begin to imagine a prettier place to have tea and dessert...what an awesome view! Magazine worthy for sure!!! I tell you what, all of the hard work that ya'll have done in your yard has certainly paid's sooo beautiful!!! Of course, I am simply green with envy over all that beautiful greenery and flowers! We have a long way to go at my place before seeing it so lush and green...not to! Hehe! The trumpet vines are gorgeous!!! That is such a pretty flower and the color so vibrant!!! Well my friend, what a lovely place to set a table and enjoy the great outdoors!!! Your table is lovely...I love your Polish tea set!!! I just giggled when I seen your dessert with a piece missing! Too cute! Tell John that we don't mind at must be really yummy!!!

Well Darlin', thank you so much for sharing more of your fabulous yard with us...this was such a treat!!!

Love ya,

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh Christine, all of your Polish Pottery pieces are just wonderful. Every one of the different pieces are stunning. Your yard is just gorgeous and I love how all the flowers are blooming so beautifully. Such a perfect setting. Your table is lovely. Those yellow lanterns are beautiful. Such a cheerful and vibrant color. Thanks so much for joining the party. It is always a treat to see your home. Hugs, Marty

Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern said...

What a pretty teaset! I love blue and white together. I have those same napkin rings and really enjoy them.

Sonia said...

Gorgeous Christine!!

I love those Polish pottery pieces..such a pretty pattern!
I'm having a giveaway stop by for a visit!

Miss Bloomers

Sherry said...

Your tea is lovely! That trumpet vine is awesome! I just love your polish pottery and your secret garden is looking enchanting.

Cozy Little House said...

Oh, how I envy your view! So woodland feel to your yard. You've done an excellent job!

Wanda Lee Of The Plumed Pen said...

Dearest Christine,

Thanks ever so much for particpating once again with this my 26th, "Tuesday Tea for Two', afternoon tea blog party meme!

Everything just looks so refreshingly lovely in your beautiful outdoor, teatable setting!.., Oh my, what a lovely place you have Christine!~ I adore your oh so beautiful Polish pottery as well; each piece is just so exquisite!

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

It's enough to make one catch one's breath...I know it did mine. do fantastic work...I am always just overwhelmed how good you are at this!!

Lady Katherine said...

I love your Tea! Who could blame John, I wish he would stole a piece of this wonderful looking desert for me. lol I love the lanterns, the bird taper holder! Your new garden sign. I love the trumpet vine, an all time favorite of mine! Your pottery is wonderful, I have a weakness for pottery as I have made some in the past and hope to again. I just adore the tray stand! Now! The woven runner, Oh, I love, You know I weave! I love having woven cloths from other countries! As some of my friends have brought me back a few things! I just love the colors in the runner! Love your Tea and all your Treasures! Thank you for joining me again for Tea Time Tuesday, and I remember seeing the teapot napkins rings in your wonderful drawer. Make sure you hide them when I come in June! lol

Susan said...

What beautiful photos. I love your garden. Your polish tea set is awesome!! You certainly have a good eye both inside and outside!

shabbyrosetreasures said...

Hello! I wanted to tell you how beautiful your staging for the tea party is! Your camera angles are great and your food lucks divine Tea Time Tuesday! If you have a moment stop by to say hi at
Hugs and Happy Sunday!

shabbyrosetreasures said...

Hello! I wanted to tell you how beautiful your staging for the tea party is! Your camera angles are great and your food lucks divine Tea Time Tuesday! If you have a moment stop by to say hi at
Hugs and Happy Sunday!

shabbyrosetreasures said...

Hello! I wanted to tell you how beautiful your staging for the tea party is! Your camera angles are great and your food lucks divine Tea Time Tuesday! If you have a moment stop by to say hi at
Hugs and Happy Sunday!

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