Friday, April 9, 2010

Kerri as Modonna and Roatan Isaland, Honduras

I almost forgot about Laurie's "A Few of My Favorite Things" because it is a new meme. I had to add this to my previously prepared post because I sure don't want to miss this fun event.
It's the second Sunday so it's Silver Sunday with Beth. You can see more sparkling silvers at

For today, I want to show you 2 silver plated servers, an antique gravy and Sheffield jelly servers. I got both of them from Ebay. The jelly server was really inexpensive ($5.99) and as you can see is still new but the gravy server cost me over $30 but I just had to have it. I love how it is hanging from an ornate stand. It was black when I got it and I polished and polished but it needs more.

Go see more "Favorite Things" at

Now, for my Pink Saturday contribution!

I hope you visit Beverly at and enjoy all the lovely pink entries today.

While we were on a cruise a few weeks ago, I encouraged Kerri to try out for the Carnival Legends show. I told her she should try out for Madonna or Britney Spears. Carnival Legends is a show in the ship on the last night wherein the passengers are the stars of the show. Kerri auditioned for Madonna. Well, there was no competition there cause she was the only one who tried out for Madonna, lol. Needless to say, she was picked. Actually, I think she would still have made it even if there were other competitors because she did so well.

Isn't she lovely in her pink tutu skirt?

We had so much fun watching her perform with the ship's professional dancers. She sang and danced. Good job, Kerri! The show made the highlight of our trip!

Now on to a sightseeing trip. Today, we are going to Roatan in Honduras.

I always like to have a picture taken before we leave the ship showing the port of call in the background. When I went out to the balcony, I saw the men cleaning the windows outside. I often wondered how they cleaned them and now I know.
It seems like we have been here just a year or 2 ago but it has changed a lot. They always improve the ports and I am happy about that.
A ship wreck ruins right next to our cruise ship.

I love shopping!
Do you see the hummingbird in the 2 top photos of the mosaic below? I really enjoyed the beauty of the flowers. Even Zoe was admiring them. They were so healthy and colorful.
We hired a taxi driver to drive us around. Isn't this a gorgeous house? I think it belongs to an ex public official.
One of the beaches.

The taxi driver suggested we go to a monkey farm and so we did. He took us to Mayan Jungle Canopy.

Noah saw this rope bridge leading to a tree amd climbed it. He managed, but could not get back so mommy went on a rescue.

Don't be scared, it's just me! LOL! I must be crazy showing you my ugliest picture. We went inside the monkey cage and one of them jumped on me from behind, which startled and scared me silly, thus, this facial expression. ROFL!!!! The monkeys were actually pretty friendly so after the initial shock, I was fine. Kerri and the kids really enjoyed them.

Don't I have an ugly face? LOL!

There were different kinds of monkeys and they gave them Gator aid in a bottle so they would come closer. There were also exotic birds, Caribbean bunnies (they weren't as fluffy) and deer.

Do you zip? I have not tried it but maybe someday I can gather up enough courage to do it.

They now have these hanging chairs in the port which will take you to the beach.

Time to go back to the ship now but let me take a picture of John and his daughter and grandkids first.

I hope you enjoyed the trip. Thanks for coming and thanks to Beverly, Laurie and Beth also for hosting these events.

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