Saturday, April 6, 2013

Florida Guest Room #2

Hello everyone! I am so sorry I have not visited most of you. I have been so busy entertaining some guests who drove all the way from Mississippi. And as most of you know, I have been decorating our newly purchased home in Florida. I would like to share what I did with our second guest room.
This was how it was when we looked at the house. The sellers emptied the desk when they moved but left the desk for us. It is the first thing you see when you open the door.

First thing I did when we took over the house was move the desk to the opposite wall, that way it does not show when you open the door. Since I wanted this room to double as a guest room, I wanted the bed to show first. My daughter next door is transforming their guest room into a play room and they want to get a futon so they gave me their full size bed.

I was expecting some guests and I did not have an end table for this room so I took a trip to HG, which is only a 4 min. drive away. I bought the frame, round table, lamp, throw pillow and body form pin cushion. I brought the red quilt from our MS home.
The sellers left a weaved shade on the window but I hang a rod and white curtains. The curtains that I bought were a little too long so I folded the top and now it looks like it has a short valance.
I still need a headboard but I have not found one that I like that is reasonably priced yet. The bedshirt is from Joss and Main. I think it was $29.
We might eventually get a desktop computer for here cause this laptop I am using when I travel is so slow. John and I decided that instead of getting birthday presents for each other (we have the same birthday coming this month), we will just give each other an extra trip to FL since we really do not need anything anyway. Besides, we just buy what we want most of the time.
 Our company left on Friday morning and while washing and changing the beddings, I tried another quilt on the bed, which I also found at HG. It has the same postal prints as the lumbar pillow and frame. I like the red quilt but I like this also. Which one do you prefer?
I bought this white sham and and the matching white quilt from the resale shop downtown back home in Natchez, MS. I wanted to originally use the quilt as the main bed cover but it is only a twin size which is too small so I just folded it for an extra blanket and placed it at the foot of the bed.

 I found this tole lamp at a consignment shop marked 50% off for $25 just last week when I went out with my daughter to have lunch at a Thai restaurant. The shop was right next door.

The chair in the corner is there temporarily. It is part of the dining set I am giving to my daughter. I have found chair replacements but I am still looking for a dining table to go with them so she did not move the set to their house yet.
This is how I left the room so far. I hope you like it. I like how bright it is and how fresh it looks. Thank you for stopping by. I always appreciate your visits and comments very much.
The real perks for having a home next to my daughter's house is having a pleasant surprise visit from the grandsons

 Having a free yard and pool service by my son in law.

 and being able to play with my sweet granddaughter.
I just added the 2 photos below because I replaced the small round table with this end table.
It was originally like this. I bought it from Goodwill for $12.99, painted and distressed it and replaced the kiddy butterfly knob.  I would have preferred a lighter color but this paint was what I had available here.
And I appreciate all the hostesses. A BIG THANKS to you all!
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Glenda/MidSouth said...

The guest room is pretty! I bet you and husband will enjoy the perks of living next door to your daughter and her family. :)
Hope you are enjoying the weekend.


I thought I commented here, Chris...all the way from my mail, lol.. Anyway, your house is coming along beautifully, with your taste and dedication, not surprising my friend. I love that room, I even want to go be a guest, lol..Your grand little one is such a doll, how lucky you got the house next to your daughter..that is priceless! I have a post for you and Chie..heheheee..Enjoy your stay.

Blondie's Journal said...

Very pretty, Christine! It looks so bright and happy. I really love both quilts, maybe you can switch them out seasonally.

I know you must love being next door to your family!


Sarah said...

Christine, your guest room is very inviting. Both quilts look good, but I love the pop of red in this room. You can switch the quilts form time to time and change the look as you want. '-)

Unknown said...

Oh how nice the colors!!! XO

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

I would love to be a guest in your beautiful room, I am obsessing over the lamp. lol fondly ~lynne~

The French Hutch said...

Christine, Love what you’ve done here in your guest room. Great idea to move the desk and how nice the room doubles as an office. Four minutes to HG!!!! I love the linens and gorgeous lamp! Lucky guests! The wonderful thing about this house is family, spending time with the adorable granddaughter is priceless!

The French Hutch

Terri said...

Hi Christine,

I like both of those quilts but think I prefer the red as it brings lots of color to the room. The other quilt is GORGEOUS but I think it's too neutral with the neutral wall color. If you put some color on the walls, it would then be my favorite. You are going to make so many memories in that house with those sweet grandchildren right next door!


Loretta Castorini said...

Hi Christine! The room looks great! I like the yellow but the red bedspread looks so french country with the yellow walls! Also, I love your burlap bee lamp from your previous post. You say its from MS home...whats that?

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I like it both ways Christine!
Beautiful quilts.
It sure looks like your enjoying the new home and grandbabies too!

xinex said...

Hi Loretta! I wasn't sure how to respond to your question cause I could not find any of your post where I can leave a comment. This Fl home I am decorating now is a second home. Our main home is in Ms and I have been bringing a lot of stuff here from there, whatever fits in my luggage when I come here. I originally purchased the bee burlap lamp from Marshall's about 2 years ago...Christine

Heather@Tatter and Fray said...

Great job! Good idea to move the desk to the opposite wall. I like both quilts, but think the red one provides a nice pop of color. Thanks for stopping by my blog! xo Heather

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

The room looks so nice and comfortable and your granddaughter is adorable in that beach picture!

Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside said...

I love both quilts but I think maybe the red....if I had to chose!

Unknown said...

Love what you've done with the guest room! I love the new French inspired quilt! It is perfect! Thanks for visting me today! I am following you now!

Vel Criste said...

I love the red more, but I think with all the other accessories in the room particularly the wall decor, the french toile looks better. Love your home, and lucky to have family around dear. Thank you for visiting my blog!

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

Hi Christine,

Nice to see your Florida home is coming along nicely. I love that you are right next door to your grandchildren. xo

Diane said...

I am having so much fun seeing your re-dos! I'll bet you are going to have so much company in the coming months. By the way - Happy early birthdays to you and your husband!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Christine, I like both quilts. Use one in the winter and spring (the pink one), and use the white one in the summer and fall when it's hot. That way, you have two looks in the room!

I have a wicker headboard that I wish I could show you, but it might be for a queen size bed. I can't remember. It's in storage or I would go measure and take a picture.



bj said...

OMGosh...I have missed SOMEthing...You have MOVED?
I know you are loving being next door to your goodness, I must have missed a lot.
I've been so busy getting our house ready to put on the market...I gotta go back and read some of your past posts...
xoxo said...

You are really making your house look like home. I love the red quilt, but the other will look good for summer. All of your plants are lovely, maybe they will survive until you get back! Those grandchildren are growing so fast!

The Charm of Home said...

Very pretty Christine! Love that sunbather! Sweet.

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