Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Tablescape Inspiration: Quimper Wine/Cider Barrel

Hi everyone! I would like to congratulate Susan for reaching a milestone, hosting the 100th Tablescape Thursday. Congrats, Susan, for this very successful meme that brings lots of joy to dishaholics all over the world.
My inspiration for this tablescape is my centerpiece, a Quimper barrel. I saw it on Ebay while vacationing in Destin and I had to get it. Fortunately, it had a "Buy it Option" so I bought it right away. It really looks so good just sitting on the wet bar counter but see, it can double up as a centerpiece too.

Congratulate and visit our gracious hostess, Susan at and see more creative tablescapes.

I was going to post this Quimper wine or cider barrel for a favorite on Saturday but after I tried using it as a centerpiece, I like it, so why wait til Saturday to show it? I have something else to show on Saturday anyway.

I like the look of Quimper but I don't think I will start collecting them because I am really running out of ideas on where to store more dishes. So I think this is as far as what I will own. But that could easily change, knowing me, lol!

My tablescape today is on our breakfast nook in the kitchen. I wanted to do one in the gazebo but that will take more time which I don't have right now since I am flying to California today for my classmate's 28 year old son's funeral scheduled for Saturday. Please continue to pray for him and the whole family. I really do appreciate all the prayers.

I received this German stein S & P shakers as a gift about 20 years ago.

I am using various Spode blue and white dinner and salad plates with my yellow rooster plate chargers. I have had the Spode dishes ever since I lived in FL but this is the first time I used them on the table. The sauce server at the bottom left is a Polish pottery.

Aren't the little cups cute? I really like the picture of the lady in the front.

And I love this finial on top which is actually the cork. I suppose this is where you fill it with wine, brandy, cider or whatever you prefer to serve. It has a spigot for convenient serving.

I just got the flatware from Neiman Marcus when they put them on sale. I have black ones that I bought from Marshall's and TJ Maxx about 3 years ago and I really like them because they are heavy. I have been wanting to have blue handled flatware so I watched for these to go on sale and took the opportunity to buy them when they did.

I used 2 types of goblets, plain blue ones and ones with yellow pineapple. I thought they were lemons but I changed my mind after noticing the spiky leaves on top. The wine glasses have blue dots.

See the loquats outside the window?

I did not use napkin rings because I like the way the blue flatware shows above the yellow napkins. I just added some blue flowers that I bought from the Villeroy & Boch outlet store in Destin and placed them above the napkins.

Thanks again for the visit. I hope you enjoyed seeing this tablescape as much as I enjoyed putting it together.
Congrats and thanks to Susan again!
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