Sunday, February 19, 2012

DH Tries to Help But.......

This is how I left my kitchen when I went to Florida, that was Dec. 18, 2011. Notice the lighted pot rack but no pots. We just had it installed then.

John picked me up from the airport on Feb. 10, 8 days short of 2 months of being away. We always enter through a small hall from the garage into the ktichen and this is what welcomed me.
This is what I saw when I looked to the right. Except for the uncovered peanut butter jar, my husband is really not a pig.
He is actually trying to help. He removed everything from the countertop to clean the counters thoroughly. He moved everything to the small table near the window. That explains the clutter on the table. The dishes on the far end of the counter is what he washed by hand. I don't know why he does not use the dishwasher. I always redo what he washed because they always have lots of water marks.

There were towels and blanket throws all over the floors. When I asked what the towels were doing down there, he said he did not want to scratch the new floors. I told him it defeats having nice floors if we cannot see them, so I took them all and did laundry continuously for at least 5 days. He cut several bath towels and made them into rags. We had rags everywhere so I know he's been cleaning, at least trying to. He just does not know how to put anything back to where they belong. See that big plastic bin full of rags above? That's only 1, there were buckets everywhere full of them too.

So, I went to work, I mean REALLY worked! I cleaned and organized day and night, non stop until my back muscles ached. The first room that I tackled was the family room, just so I could at least sit when I got tired. They just replaced the floors there so none of the furniture was in place. I supervised the floor guy to move them to where I wanted them and then I hooked the TV back on.

And next was the kitchen. It is not perfect yet but it is starting to look better now, isn't it?

If you read my blog regularly, you must know about the many packages that came while I was away. I will post more about that soon. Anyway, one of the packages contained a set of hammered Ruffoni copper pots and pans. John gave them to me for Christmas. You see them hanging on the pot rack now.

The counter tops are clean and free of clutter now. I tell ya, for a while there, I could not breath easily.

The dining table is also in order.

How do you like my new pots and pans? I love them!

I got this mini teapot set from Ebay. Yes, they were in one of the packages. I placed them inside the terrarium.

I got this vintage copper fish lidded dish from Ebay also and yes, it was in one of the boxes.
Have you ever seen a plant like this before? It's so unusual! I saw it when I finally got a chance to go grocery shopping. It is a Weeping Pussy Willow.

I am so much more relaxed now. I am not completely done but the house is looking better everyday. I still have to work on the plastic bins that are full of dishes. They are still sitting in the living room. Our china cabinets are still empty but the office and 3 bedrooms are already clean, one more bedroom to go. The dining room is also clean now except for the china cabinets that still need to be filled. I'll do the living room last.

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