Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trunks and Stained Glass

Both John and I love trunks, chests and boxes and we also love stained glass. Did I tell you we were born on the same day? That must be why we like similar items (except for choices in clothes, lol) The other weekend, we drove by our favorite antique shop downtown after going to church and saw so many cars parked outside. It was a one way street but John went around the block to go back to see what's going on. Once a month, they have extended hours downtown and it just happened to be that the band was playing in that particular store called Melancon. The owner who is a very good Cajun cook made some cajun pasta and they were serving that plus some drinks for everyone.

We have seen and liked this particular stained glass in the same store before but after telling the owner our intent to buy it, she said it was already reserved for someone else. When she saw us again, she told us the other buyer never came back for it, luckily for us,  so we bought it right there and then. I knew exactly where I wanted to hang it.

 I love the colors and the pattern, reminds me of a peacock tail and you know how much I love peacocks.

John and I have our own recliners. Mine is the one closer to the window. When I am watching TV in the early afternoon, the sun shines right on me and it bothers me. I considered getting a stand up screen to put there against the window but I did not want to block the hallway and I could not find what I really wanted. I did not want to hang drapes there because I do not like to block the view. Our backyard has a pool and has lots of trees around and behind them is a big creek so privacy is not an issue.

Do you see the stained glass? It is perfect there cause it obscures the sunshine so I am happy, and it is decorative as well. It also displays a beautiful play of colors when the sun shines on it.

 This is one of our guest rooms. I have designated it for my mom when she is staying with us because it has its own bathroom so it is convenient for her.

Do you see the trunk that I just added in front of the bed? It was a wedding present to my mom and dad from a politician in the Philippines in 1936. I had it sent directly from the Philippines and it arrived last December but it was all messed up when it got here. I had Mitch, our handyman fix it and I am happy with how it turned out.
 It is made out of camphor and believe it or not, after all these years, it still smells so good when you open it. I really treasure this because it is the only furniture left of my parents after we moved to the US. I still remember it so well when it used to sit in my parent's bedroom as I really grew up with it. Mama and papa also had 2 Venetian chandeliers which I would have loved to have that my mom bought when she went to Venice a long time ago, but I think they were stolen after we moved, because they were not with the house when we sold it.

I am storing extra pillows in this hand carved trunk now.

Below is a trunk I saw in a resale shop parking while driving through New Orleans. I wanted to repaint and sell it in my booth.

But after I was done painting it blue and distressing it, John and I both could not let it go. Did I tell you that we both love trunks? LOL!

So I brought it in, placed it by the window in the other guest room and store throw pillows in it now.

That armoire in between the windows is a computer desk with a concealed chair that pulls out. We have a laptop in there for guests to use.
 Since we are here, I might as well show you the rest of the room. Do you see the antique chair in front of the bed? We bought it also from Melancon a few years ago.
 Now, let me show you the floor lamp I just gave John on our birthday last month. Yes, it is a tiffany style stained glass lamp. I was finally able to replace John's old reading lamp which I hated.
 He loves it and I do too! He said he likes how it hangs and it is adjustable.
Back to another trunk, another one we bought from Melancon on our last visit.
The 6 sided antique oriental box on the right is where I store our uncooked rice. We eat rice a lot so I buy jazmine rice in 25 lb. bags. I bought it from Horchow about 4 years ago.
It is in the breakfast nook storing lots of cloth napkins and tablecloths, which I used to just store in a basket on the floor there. I think the trunk looks neater.
 I used to have a TV tray by the window too shown below, gone now and back to the rack where it belongs in the family room.
Thank you so much for your visit. And thank you to all the meme hostesses who does all the extra work just to have us all party!

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