Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sprucing Up Fountain and Potting Bench Areas for Spring

Yesterday, the doorbell rang but I did not get up to open the door. Besides, I was watching an LMN movie, lol. I usually don't open doors when I am not expecting anybody. To my surprise, I saw Mitch knocking on the back porch window. He said John sent him here to help me with projects. He said he can leave if I had nothing for him to do. Oh no! I always have ongoing projects so I told him to stay.
I remembered about this lantern that I bought last fall from an antique shop that was closing, so I dragged it out of the garage.
I decided to clean up around the fountain area, which was surrounded by leaves before I swept it.
  Here is Mitch holding up the lantern for me, moving it from one wall to another, while I decided where to hang it.
 I thought that was a good spot. I wanted to put it originally in the corner but since it is not wired for electric and I have to use a candle, I thought this would be the right and safer place so I can see it from inside the house. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and I immediately took John back to the store to see it. And you can conclude what came next!
 I liked it hanging in the store but I love it hanging here even more.
 Should I paint those white shelves black or move it somewhere else? I might try to move it out to see how the area will look.
 That tall yucca is my oldest plant here. I bought it when we moved here 6 years ago and it was small. It is an indoor plant but I have left it here for 2 winters now and it has survived.

 I added some fresh plants. I used to have a lot of glass beads in the fountain but whenever grandkids visit, they pick them out and then I find them all over the house.
I have moved out the white shelves and this is how it looks now and I like it a lot better.
I also had Mitch hang the chippy window above the potting bench and moved my iron wall planter to the right. When he found out I actually bought it, he was so surprised. He said, "What? You actually bought this? I should bring all my junk here", lol! I thought $5 was a good price for it.

 I think it gives my planting area some character, or does it make it junky? LOL! Be honest! My friend, Noemie and I are planning to work outside on Friday. Weather forecast is sunny and 72 degrees.
 The Carolina jessamines are blooming.
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Traci said...

Very pretty! We have good weather forecasted for the weekend so we plan to work in the yard & get things spruced up. I think I'm going to hold off on planting for a few weeks though. I'm scared we'll have another frost.

Chubby Chieque said...

Hi Ate Xine,

That's the perfect spot. Now, your fountain area is now cozier §:-)

Just dropping to say hi. BZ ako, daming trabaho pag-katapusan ng buwan and week after kaya, lulubog-lilitaw ako.

Happy Mid-week.


Diane said...

Wow, I really love that lantern!! However, I love even more the idea of someone showing up to help with projects - yeah, Mitch!!

Bernideen said...

Looks delightful - lovely flowers - already!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I really like that lamp also, and think it looks good close to the fountain. Love the idea of someone showing up to help. :-D I hope to get some clean up done outside Fri. or Sat.
Enjoy your evening.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

I love your beautiful new lantern Christine! Enjoy the jasmine, it will be snowing here tonight:@)

Blondie's Journal said...

Everything looks so nice, Christine...I love the lantern. And the window, I want that. Now! For inside my home! lol! It does have a lot of character.


ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Christine that lantern is gorgeous!!

Debbiedoo's said...

What a great looking piece! Could not be more perfect for you. Hope all is well.

Terri said...

I love that chippy old window, Christine! The lantern is really nice as well! I've been working in my yard all week. It's been perfect gardening weather!

Sarah said...

Never turn down an offer of help. '-)
Your jasmine is gorgeous, Christine. I like the chipy window above your potting bench. It does have character.

Anonymous said...

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iris said...

bonjour Christine
je découvre ton blog
merci du petit mot si gentil
je vois que tu aimes aussi les
très joli billet
je reviendrais te voir
bonne journée

Laurie Ritchey said...

Christine, the window looks great over the potting bench, and I LOVE your new lantern. It's beautiful, and you found the perfect spot for it. You're going to be ready for Spring way ahead of me. The water in the pool is green right now. I'm telling people we did that for St. Pat's Day! laurie

The French Hutch said...

I really like where the lantern is hanging Christine, and it is really gorgeous. I love the fountain and this area of your porch. Before you paint the rack, try it somewhere else. It's lovely, but the color draws your eye there first. I think the lantern and fountain are so beautiful and compliment the other it may be all you need there. Are you kidding, nothing looks "junky" at your home, you have beautiful taste!. I wish you could come here and give me some ideas.......And, I love anything and everything chippy.

The French Hutch

The "Home Girl" said...

Hi Christine!

What a nice outdoor area! I love the new lantern and the chippy window! Great additions to that outdoor space! =D

I would love it if you would link this great post to my brand new link party...the FESTIVE FRIDAY FIESTA! (Ole!) It's open now through Sunday at Noon ET.

Here is the link if you're interested! I'd love to see you there!

Thanks so much for sharing this! Have a great evening! =)

Lady Linda said...! We are having some nice weather here in OR too, but only in the 60's. You patio is looking lovely. How fun. Sounds like you are so ready for spring.

Mrs. Sarah Coller said...

Oh yeah, that window is awesome right where it is! I have a robin's egg blue chippy window on my piano and LOVE IT!! I can't wait to find more! :)

Thanks for linking up...have a great night!


mail4rosey said...

Everything looks great and I love all of that brick.

I'm visiting today from Thursday's Favorite Things. :)

Alycia Nichols said...

WOW!!! That area went from 0 to 60 in no time!!! You and Mitch worked HARD!!!! I am dreading getting out on my deck to do the same. Please put Mitch on a plane for Missouri! :-)

bj said...

It all looks just your fountain.
Mr. Sweet and I wish we had a Mitch to help out around here. We still have a lot of packing to do...and right now, we are painting everything that looks like it needs it. Such an old house (60 yrs old) and it needs lots of work. We will be so glad to get it on the market, sold and MOVED....taking waaay too long..

Babs said...

I can see why you couldn't resist the's a winner!
You mentioned your white shelves, whether to paint or move them. What if you moved the white shelves and put a long low shelf or table for plants or perhaps as an extra serving area? That way your beautiful lantern would be the focal point and you'd still have a place for plants, etc. It's hard to tell how much space you have there, so that might not work. Your Carolina Jessamine is gorgeous
Hugs and enjoy your gorgeous new lantern.

sabri said...

Love it Cristine..I love to be able to enjoy something from outdoors inside as well..wish i had more energy to do some projects and time..untill then i will just enjoy yours... :)

Tootsie said...

thank you so much for linking in this weekend...I always love to grab inspiration from those who play along with my little party. I can't hardly wait for spring to come...It will be so nice to play outside again for a few months!
Your post gives me hope that I may not have too long to wait!

I shared this post on the Tootsie Time facebook page
I hope you will link in again every week!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•

Self Sagacity said...

The fountain is a great idea. We wanted one, but after eight years, still have not started. LoL


Oh my did I miss this great and pretty thing you placed in the wall..I simply love it! Your garden must be looking gorgeous by now, specially around that lovely area where your fountain is! Big hugs,

Phyllis @Around the House said...

Love the porch and fountain and I love the new light it looks so welcoming, love the large size...

Emily said...

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