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Oasis of the Seas Maiden Voyage

My sister, Fe, who is a travel agent, persuaded me to sail the maiden voyage of Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas with them. I think that was about 3 years ago but I chose to post it again because it has been my favorite cruise so far. I am also somehow missing my oldest granddaughter, who often travels with us. She has been a VIP of Carnival Cruise Lines since she was 10 (meaning she has sailed more than 10 cruises with them, but this was the only time she cried when we disembarked.

This ship is gigantic, the biggest of them all when it sailed, though the following year they built the Allure of the Seas, which is just as big.

They had their own Central Park complete with a Coach store and various restaurants. It was in December that is why the place was decorated with lots of poinsettias.

The first awesome thing that we saw as we boarded, was this floating bar. The bar goes up and down and then back to its base (See picture on the right below). Of course, AJ and I had to try it. It was located on the Promenade where lots of activities and stores and more restaurants could be found.

Our cabin had a balcony overlooking the boardwalk. We chose this instead of the usual ocean view because it was fun to see everything going on down below. It was one of AJ's favorite places too since it had a carousel, kids' stores and eateries and the Aqua theater and rock climbing were located there. It was cool cause we could watch the shows in the theater from our balcony and also could witness the zipliners go by.

One of those balconies was our cabin.

AJ loved rock climbing.

 My biggest surprise was the appearance of the Nelsons, which was not announced prior to sailing. If you are not familiar with them, they are Rick Nelson's twins sons. They were popular rock stars in the 70's with their long blond hair. But this time, they played a tribute to their late father who was a rock and roll singer and who was my teen idol. Yes, I am that old, lol.Anyway, they played all my favorite songs, Ricky's. John was so excited too cause he was a fan of Rick's dad, Ozzie, who starred and directed the old TV show, Ozzie and Harriet. Any of you remember that? Needless to say, we sat at all their shows and because we were in the front seats, they handed their guitar pick to AJ. I still have it for safe keeping in our safe, lol.
 Because it was a maiden voyage, we had presents on our beds everytime we went back to the cabin.
 Just as in any other cruise, we ate too much! LOL! That is my sister Fe and her hubby, Kuya Johnny.
 With a humongous ship like that, we expected it to be disorganized but on the contrary. Everything was electronic. You couldn't even get lost because they had this finder boards on all levels. There was no line in buffets cause they had the food set up on different islands.

 There was always something going on and so much to see.
 The shows were spectacular including this ice show, which AJ and John went to see twice. I like to relax when I am in a cruise so I only saw it once.
 We saw the broadway show, Hairspray.
 AJ lives in FL so she never learned how to ice skate until John taught her while on the cruise.
 She really enjoyed the activities in the Science lab.
 When we got to the Bahamas, we decided to stay in the ship cause we have been there for the nth time. Instead we took AJ to try the flowrider, which she enjoyed immensely. Can you spot the Atlantis in the background?
 My sister celebrated her birthday while we were on board and she treated us to a fine dining in Central Park.
 So sweet of John to have some flowers delivered for me in the cabin without any occasion.

Both AJ and my sister in her 70's tried the ziplining but not me. No. no, no, but I am a chicken, lol. I might try it next time though cause I think it's better to fall on the boardwalk than in the water or forest as in outdoor ziplining, but it's pretty high (see the first picture below?)

I hope you enjoyed cruising with us. I really miss my granddaughter although I will see her tomorrow in FL. It's just that she used to travel more with us and spend her summers here but she is 14 now and is busier than she used to be. Plus, I have been going back and forth to FL so John and I have not scheduled cruises for the last 2 years. We are booked to go this Nov. though but I am not sure AJ can come because she has school.
Thanks for stopping by and thanks to our hostesses.

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Great trip Christine! I love cruises, I need to look for some pics myself. You all look like you had a fabulous time. Your grand still looks so young and now she's a teenager! Happy Mom's Day!

Ruth Kelly said...

That is one amazing trip.

Loretta said...

Wonderful trip! Yes, I have fond memories of the Nelson family. It was soo hard losing Rick...his sons are very good artist too! Thanks for the share Christine...brought back memories!
Loretta xx

Barbara F. said...

That cruise ship looks fantastic!! I was in the Bahamas in 1995. We were supposed to sail to Bermuda but Hurricane Felix that year had other plans! We were diverted to the Bahamas. I remember Ozzie and Harriet, and Ricky and Dave. :) xo

Vel Criste said...

This ship is truly wonderful, thank you for the tour Christine!!! My neighbor sailed on the maiden voyage too and she also said the same things about it! We're going on our first Disney Cruise this summer and we're so excited, hoping to do this ship too someday!!!! Advance Happy Mother's day dear!

Entertaining Women said...

Now that it one fantastic ship. Although we have had a number of wonderful travel opportunities, I've never been on a cruise. Sweet Mt. was on the last trans Atlantic cruise of the HMS Queen Mary years ago. He enjoyed it, but he's never wanted to cruise again. So...I really enjoyed your pics. Thanks! Cherry Kay

Beth said...

What a fantastic ship, and an awesome cruise. I'd love to cruise on that beautiful ship! Enjoyed hearing about your cruise, Christine.

eileeninmd said...

What an awesome cruise! The ship is huge. Your granddaughter is one lucky young lady. I enjoyed your photos and the cruise. Thanks for sharing, have a happy weekend!

Denisa said...

That is really wow. I was only once on trip like that. But it was little bit smoller my boat. But it was amazing... And I would like to go again. Hve a nice weekend.

Gemma Wiseman said...

How amazing to enjoy a maiden voyage! That would become such a wonderful memory! Incredible how much colourful entertainment is on board! Fascinating series of photos!

Chubby Chieque said...

Hello Ate Xine,
Wow! looks your having a great time. So beautiful and bonding time with dear ones, that matters.

Happy Mother's Day to you and to both of our girls.

Hugs from D´Box,

Chubskulit Rose said...

I would love to go on a cruise someday. Maybe when the kids are a bit older. Lovely photos CHristine.

Please come and see my Shadow Shot
Happy mother's day!

The Tablescaper said...

This looks like an amazing trip!!! I can't believe how much they have going on on that ship.

Happy to have you at "Oh, the PLACES you've been!"

- The Tablescaper

mary kiss said...

Never been to a ship cruise it looks like you all had fun. I like the indoor activities specially the rock climbing ^_^ Thanks for sharing Christine.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Looks like fun, Christine!

I just got back from Central Florida where I was for a week. Fell and injured my foot. It's getting better.

I love cruises. We went on one years ago with Fred's parents on the Royal Caribbean Line. It was just the best. This, though, looks very, very fancy with all of the things to do.



A Creative Harbor said...

Fantastic and fun photos ~ Wow! ~ Enjoy ^_^

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking us along, Christine.

When I saw your recent pictures, I could not believe how much AJ has grown! She's beautiful!.


I've been looking at too many cruises lately and I'm wanting to go somewhere, lol! What are you up to Chris? Hope you had a wonderful mama's day. Hugs,

Laurie Ritchey said...

Christine, it was fun seeing this post again. I remember being so impressed with AJ doing the zipliner. Yikes! What an incredible ship. laurie

Christine Graves said...

OHHHH What a great post...Looks like you and your family had a wonderful glad you shared it!!

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